CHARLOTTE HAS a variety of options for parents considering enrolling their children in private schools. From sports teams to 3-D technology to programs for students with special needs, each institution has its own strengths. We hope this guide provides information that helps your family make an informed decision.

How We Gathered the Data:
Charlotte-area private schools were sent a link to an online survey. We filled information gaps with 2015-16 data found on schools’ websites. If 2015-16 school-year information was not provided, it is because the school declined to submit the required information or it was not available on the school’s website. Many schools have different ways of reporting SAT or ACT scores. Rather than ask everyone to conform to a certain standard, we printed the scores as given. Survey submissions were edited for brevity, clarity and space. *Tuition is annual unless otherwise noted.

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2016 Guide to Private Schools

Mecklenburg Area Catholic Schools

MapCharlotte, NC


MACS is a school system comprised of nine Catholic schools in the Greater Charlotte area. MACS educates students from Pre-Kindergarden to 12th grade. We produce leaders with strong faith in God and strong minds, who think critically and serve their communities. Religion class, service and prayer are all ways we keep our faith at the center of all that we do. Our college preparatory curriculum has resulted in a 100% graduation rate!
We offer a wide range of academics: Broadcast and STEM at the elementary school level, Graphic Design and Finance in middle school, and Aviation and German for high school students––– just to name a few. From building engineering projects on campus to studying space with iPads, our curriculum is deigned to engage students in the material they study. Award-winning art and music programs, and championship-winning athletics are also part of what we do. We invite you to see us in action and discover all MACS has to offer.

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