6 Ideas for Entertaining in Your Own Backyard

YOU DON'T have to leave the backyard to be entertained with family and friends this summer.

Travel is not a must since fun is right outside your door. Gain inspiration from the following ideas to make entertaining in your own outdoor space this summer enjoyable and much less stressful than a vacation!

1. Host a summer film series
A warm summer night is the perfect setting for a movie under the stars. Playing host is easy if guests bring their own folding chair, blanket, and favorite theater treat. Plan ahead and create a summer film series.  Send an invitation to neighbors and friends with the flicks, dates, and showtimes.


2. Make exercise the main attraction
A basketball court outlined with pavers is an attractive landscape for one of our favorite past times. This sport does not always have to be an aggressive full court press. A game of horse, knock out, or around the world is a more relaxed form of healthy competition. People of all ages and skill levels will be highly entertained by an afternoon on the court.  

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3. Prepare a casual meal
The kitchen is always the social hub of dinner parties, whether the host plans it that way or not. It could be the smell of a delicious meal being prepared, or maybe people just love being near the cook! Either way, move the chef outside and whip up fresh summer pizzas on the grill at your next get-together. They’re simple, a crowd pleaser, and best of all, you and your guest will savor every bite while enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature.


4. Play your favorite indoor game outside
Cards and board games are the cheese and crackers… cake and ice cream… hamburgers and hotdogs of social gatherings. Resurrect the classics, but play outside to liven up the atmosphere! Use sidewalk chalk for an amusing outdoor game of Pictionary.


5. Escort your guests to a remote destination
Creating an entertaining escape for your guests provokes the excitement of traveling without the hassle. Transform your outdoor space into a vineyard for a wine tasting or an exotic island for a tropical feast and cocktails. Let the decorations, music, and food set the mood of an inescapable retreat.


6. Create a space for lawn sports
A soft blanket of grass is the perfect arena for a variety of laidback sports. Set up a badminton net or corn hole boards. Mow down the lawn and establish a croquet court or putting green. These sports can be casual pick up matches or competitive brackets depending on the mood of your guests.

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Find inspiration for all the ideas above and discover your dream today at Blue Max Materials’ Outdoor Living Design Center.

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6 Ideas for Entertaining in Your Own Backyard

You don’t have to leave the backyard to be entertained with family and friends this summer!

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