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When the U.S. Government Attacks Reporters

Former N&O reporter Michael Biesecker, now with the Associated Press, drew an extraordinarily personal attack from the EPA after an accurate Houston flooding story.
September 2017

What Should Charlotte Say About What Happened in Charlottesville?

The Charlotte City Council had a weird discussion Monday night about whether to condemn white supremacist violence in Charlottesville and, if so, how.
August 2017

#discussCLT Podcast: Episode 25, Charlotte Media Matters

Hear the entire audio from the Aug. 17 event at Lenny Boy Brewing
August 2017

Does Charlotte Have a Media Crisis?

Our latest #discussCLT event focused on the challenges facing Charlotte media in this new, digital world, and how old and new media alike are struggling to adapt.
August 2017

The Deep Roots of Charlotte’s Murder Spike

During the latest #discussCLT podcast, former CMPD homicide cop Garry McFadden tried to answer a complicated question: What’s behind the sudden rise in Charlotte murders?
August 2017

#discussCLT Podcast: Retired Homicide Detective Garry McFadden

August 2017

What’s the Future for Newspapers?

Newspapers continue to evolve, and quickly, into multimedia outlets guided by online traffic. Does that necessarily mean better journalism?
August 2017

Can We Rescue Local News?

A nonprofit initiative called News Voices North Carolina is collecting information from journalists and citizens to answer a basic question: How can local news better serve local consumers?
August 2017

#discussCLT Podcast: Outgoing Editor Michael Graff

July 2017

The Ajmera Aftermath: Boredom

City Council member Dimple Ajmera, who raised a stink last week by saying Trump supporters ‘have no place’ holding city office, faced a group of angry—then increasingly bored—GOP voters.
July 2017