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Project Uptown

Charlotte’s hips are wide enough. We can’t grow out anymore. So city leaders and developers are pouring millions into the heart of our city. Which leaves us with a few questions: Where’s it all going? What’s it all going to be? And can we have it all right now?
June 2013

Turnaround City: Charlotte's Real Estate Rebound

Finally! After a few years of hoping for change, our exclusive chart shows that the Charlotte real estate market is starting to move in the right direction. Still, this “Goldilocks” market—not too hot, not too cold—presents all sorts of challenges for would-be buyers and sellers. Read how some locals are confronting those challenges
March 2013

What’s Your Home Worth Now?

How’s your neighborhood doing?
March 2013

Seller's Market?

Bidding wars have returned to Charlotte, but that doesn’t mean the market has fully recovered
February 2013

Stealth Market

Canadians cash in on Charlotte real estate
November 2012

Homebuilding Is Back

As the real estate market begins to emerge from the recession, homebuilders in south Charlotte are leading the way
June 2012

Real Estate's Silver Lining: Decreases in Sales Prices and Interest Rates

With home prices still down, opportunities abound close to uptown
April 2012

8 Great Suburbs in the Area

There's more to Charlotte's suburbs than better prices and lower taxes. We enlisted the help of real estate experts to come up with the best 'burbs the area has to offer. Plus find out what your home is worth now.
March 2012

Buyer Beware

I was in love with being a homeowner. Then I met my new neighbor
March 2012

Rental Whiplash

A buyers’ market also means more rentals in swanky Charlotte neighborhoods
November 2010