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In Police-Community Relations, Which Color Matters More—Black or Blue?

New academic research shows that black officers are as likely to kill black suspects as white officers—suggesting that police violence against minorities ‘is more institutional than individual.’
September 2018

A First Step Toward More Affordable Housing in Charlotte ...

Too much going on: the Charlotte City Council unveils its affordable housing plan and works out a deal that might get something built on the old Eastland Mall site; and the federal courts throw drowning democracy a rope with its gerrymandering ruling.
August 2018

A Final Word on Charlotte Transit Discussion: NIMBY on the Tracks

A continuation of the #discussCLT conversation on Charlotte’s transit future: What’s up with the knee-jerk opposition to the very idea of mass transit?
August 2018

Back and Forth on Charlotte’s Transit Future

A recap of our #discussCLT event last week: How will Charlotte pay for its ambitious 2030 transit plan if the state and federal governments won’t help?
August 2018

GALLERY: #discussCLT: Charlotte's Transit Future

August 2018

The Risks of Private Funding for Charlotte Transit

Charlotte transit officials are examining ways to raise private dollars to help pay for the $6 billion buildout of its 2030 transit plan. Will the transit system end up defeating one of its main purposes?
August 2018

Transit Lessons From the PNW

Charlotte’s trying to fully build out its transit system by 2030. What can it learn from Pacific Northwest cities that committed to mass transit years ago?
August 2018

How Well Can We Predict Charlotte’s Transit Future?

Charlotte’s planned Gateway Station offers us a chance to speculate on the future of transportation, and whether it’ll look anything like what we imagine.
August 2018

The South, Trump, and ‘End-Stage Protestantism’

Exploring religious support for the president
August 2018

#discussCLT Podcast: Inside the Charlotte Gateway Station

July 2018