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New Year's Resolutions to Stick With

OK, so you made some resolutions this year. Here are a few you can stick to
January 2012

Naptime for Adults

Uptown health club encourages us to sleep it off
December 2011

Fertility on Ice

A new procedure allows women to preserve their fertility for years, and two Charlotte doctors are leading the way
December 2011

3 Ways to Help Fight Breast Cancer

October 2011

Debating the Pregnancy Diet

Is the new fad a great way to lose weight or a dangerous starvation diet?
July 2011

We're Fat in the South

According to the CDC, Charlotte needs to lose some weight
April 2011

Attention Deficit Deception

Don’t be too quick to believe an ADHD diagnosis for your child
February 2011

7 Smart Ways to Fight Stress

It's no surprise that with Wachovia's takeover, Bank of America's seeming meltdown, a slumped housing market, and a hefty unemployment rate that Forbes ranked Charlotte twenty-fifth on its 2009 list of the country's most stressful cities.
December 2009

Feel Great at Any Age

What you do now has a huge effect on how you'll feel later. Here, our decade-by-decade guide for a healthy, happy future—no matter how many birthday candles you just blew out
December 2009

Update Your Physician's Listing

November 2009