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CMS Board Suspends Superintendent Wilcox

The CMS board announced after closed-door meetings Friday and today that it has suspended Superintendent Clayton Wilcox.
July 2019

Great Minds: UNCC and Winthrop University Professors Shine

2013 was a productive year for local scholars. Charlotte-area professors helped solve historical mysteries about slavery and life in ancient Jerusalem. Here’s a look at what they found and what they’re still hoping to uncover
January 2014

Middle School Blues

Local moms aim to conquer bullying, body image, and sixth-grade stress
June 2013

Campus Crush

Why graduate schools are converging uptown and attracting students in droves
February 2013

Jeff Leardini Is the Accused

Jeff Leardini is the accused. It’s a teacher’s worst nightmare: being accused by a student of improper physical conduct
February 2012

Yes, KIPP Can

August 2009