Chuck McShane

Author and historian Chuck McShane is the director of the Hamlet Depot and Museums in Hamlet, North Carolina, and a regular contributor to Charlotte Magazine. He published his first book, A History of Lake Norman: Fish Camps to Ferraris, in 2014. His work has also appeared in Our State, Lake Norman Currents, the Charlotte Observer, and the Fayetteville Observer. Email him at or reach him on Twitter: @chuckmcshane.

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Our strongest connection with New York was once our shared pain from the banking collapse. But on a cold afternoon in January 2009, an airplane that took off from LaGuardia hit a flock of geese, and landed in the Hudson River

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Thirty-five years ago, after multiple votes, it finally became possible to order a mixed drink in a Charlotte restaurant. Here’s the story of the backroom deals that made it happen

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Just over the state line is a place where bicycles will buzz by you, discs will fly above you, and the markets will feed you. But if you look more closely at Rock Hill’s past, you’ll also find textile mills that once grew the place, the story of the man who invented the Rice Krispies characters, and one of the most compelling acts of courage from the civil rights movement

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After 10 years of court cases, after a series of complicated land swaps, after two decades floundering away as the South Carolina baseball team with the Charlotte name, the Knights are home. And the pressure is on to make it all worthwhile

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Great Minds: UNCC and Winthrop University Professors Shine

2013 was a productive year for local scholars. Charlotte-area professors helped solve historical mysteries about slavery and life in ancient Jerusalem. Here’s a look at what they found and what they’re still hoping to uncover

1993: Charlotte’s Deadliest Year

Twenty years after our city’s worst year for crime, the street names and neighborhoods have changed, but the wounds still hurt

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As we look back at some of the most frightening days in Charlotte’s history, we see that the crash can’t be measured in numbers.