Ritz-Carlton Design Studio for Brides


The Ritz-Carlton of Charlotte recently announced a whole new configuration of its sixth floor: an Engage-Your-Imagination (E.Y.I.) Design Studio.  This awesome wedding planning resource is available to any couple that books their wedding at the Ritz.

The E.Y.I. is laid-out so that the bride and her entourage can walk through and envision each aspect of the wedding and reception... think of it like the creative writing process, only for a wedding.  You can customize your special day and have it come to life right before your eyes!

Perhaps my favorite part of this Design Studio is... wait for it... the Cake Gallery.  Constantly showcasing ten cakes, The E.Y.I Design Studio can make your wedding cake for you as well as allow you to choose your reception menu in their private Tasting Room.  Yum!

I am curious how Charlotte brides are taking advantage of this resource.  Tweet us @CLT_Wedding to let us know how you like it!

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