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Poking the Hornet's Nest

Greg Lacour on Politics

A Fully Locked and Loaded Proposal

S.C. Rep. William Chumley suggests that the Charleston victims should have been armed. Damn right.

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Why They're Taking Down 'That Dang, Damn Flag'

What was behind Nikki Haley's conversion on the Confederate flag? It wasn't just about 'healing.'

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A Few More Things About Charleston

It's good that the flag's coming down. But don't celebrate too much.


It's Not Going To Stop

It happened, again, and it will, again, and we know why.

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Kerr Putney Named New CMPD Chief

City manager selects Rodney Monroe's deputy for job


A Left-Right Twitter Scrape Over Obamacare

A proud N.C. resident presents the right's case against the ACA: 'Oh noes ... fascism!'


Herd Mentality

You don't have to be LGBT or an ally to feel outraged over the N.C. House's vote to legalize magistrates opting out of performing same-sex weddings.


Two Visions of a Growing Charlotte

An old idea of what a city should be asserts itself on a fresh stretch of interstate. Can it co-exist with the new one?


On Domestic Violence, Handguns, and Priorities

As Mecklenburg County wrestles with old domestic violence problems, a female Mecklenburg lawmaker sponsors a bill that would remove background checks from handgun sales.


Lindsey Graham's Fear Factor

The senator from South Carolina champions "Security Through Strength" and projects the opposite.


The Cost of News

David Boraks' DavidsonNews.net gave it a good, nine-year run but fell to the growing financial pressures for online journalism


Our Hero

Yes, North Carolina, we actually are a state of laws. Nation, too.


Local Control for Me, Not Thee

Republicans abandon their principle of local control when it suits them. This means it's not a principle. Here's the real one.


The Heat on Ron Carlee

Maybe the Charlotte City Council has legitimate problems with City Manager Ron Carlee. But it could have handled them better than this.


Why Rodney Monroe Mattered to Charlotte

Rodney Monroe wasn't a flawless police chief. But he got his biggest priority, community relations, dead right.


Where's the Empathy?

A South Carolina man rejected health insurance until he needed it. Now he blames Obama for his own shortsightedness.


Lincoln County's Christian Soldier

In defending Christian prayers at Lincoln County commission meetings, Chairman Carrol Mitchem gets it wrong enough to give you a toothache.

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Privatized Highway Robbery

Public officials in the Lake Norman area were stunned this week at a little-noticed clause in the I-77 toll contract. Sadly, it's a feature, not a bug.


'They Took the Whole Thing Out of Context'

A Chapel Hill student's perfectly innocent paean to her Confederate forebears.


Spread the Pain

You might not like the city manager's tax-hiking budget proposal. Given the unexpected shortfall, got any better ideas?


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Poking the Hornet's Nest

Greg Lacour on Politics

Charlotte had a Democratic mayor that got rebuffed by a Democratic majority council before the president appointed him to his cabinet; a former mayor in the Governor's Mansion after an oh-for-infinity streak; membership in a state that sees Charlotte as, well, another state; a neighboring state where public officials do very, very silly things (and sometimes go "hiking"); and a county commissioner who specializes in insulting constituents yet can't seem to get himself unelected. Sounds interesting to me, so I write about it and other matters public. Hashtag #nestpoke. You want to yell at me, email nestpoke@gmail.com.

About Greg Lacour

Greg Lacour spent nearly 10 years as a reporter for the Observer, where he covered Charlotte and Mecklenburg County government, including the infamous Nick Mackey for Sheriff farce of 2007-08, which made him simultaneously homesick for his hometown of New Orleans and hopeful that Charlotte might yet attain "world-class" status. He has written several features for this magazine and took part in the Hurricane Katrina coverage that won The Sun Herald of Biloxi/Gulfport, Miss., another former employer, a Pulitzer Prize. Lacour is single and lives in NoDa.

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