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The Agenda 21 Derangement

How a wild conspiracy theory lassoes mainstream Republicans, Pat McCrory included.


McCrory's Coal Ash Proposal: All Sizes Fit One

Gov. McCrory's proposed coal ash legislation sounds like a strong step toward forcing Duke Energy to clean the stuff up. It's not. Here's why.


The 'Republican Civil War'

A Monday afternoon sampler.


Tillis's 'Big Boy Pants' and the Creeping Tyranny of Toll Roads

A leaked recording of Thom Tillis unveils a silly phrase and the warped mindset of his GOP opponents.


The Burden of Incumbency

The GOP primary for U.S. Senate looks like it'll result in a runoff—a fitting result in an age when incumbency ain't what it was.


Reader Comments:
Feb 23, 2014 11:12 am
 Posted by  The Hammer

I just read a column you wrote recently in which you talk about "regulatory nullifiers" defined as "... appointed to lead government bodies on the grounds that there’s no way in hell they’ll do their jobs...." Apparently you believe this is a tenet of post-Reagan conservative governing philosophy.
Ok fair enough, you're entitled to your opinion...as far as it goes. But how can you with a straight face ignore the Obama's administration's distain for the rule of law? He ignores this law and rewrites that law. His Justice Department refuses to prosecute thugs with clubs outside polling stations but attacks voter ID laws. He makes broad changes to codified law with the swipe of his pen and people like you say nary a word. For you it's all about how Republicans are in bed with big business, and ain't it terrible.
Well listen up young man. If there's a fascist conspiracy (a melding of big business, big labor and big government) and I believe there is, then the perpetrators aren't Reagan Republicans but the very politicians and "business people" you defend. Warren Buffett and George Soros aren't liberal Democrats because they want THEIR money redistributed or THEIR freedoms restricted. They won't be waiting in line for healthcare.
You sir are a lying propagandist trying to make a name for himself at a local rag, hoping against hope that one day Mother Jones will call. Well here's my opinion, don't count on it, you just don't write that well.

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Greg Lacour on Politics

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