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Opinion: On Redistricting Ruling, Temper Your Excitement

SCOTUS’ ruling Monday in a key gerrymandering challenge is good news—but not the biggest and most important prize out there.

Editor's Note (June 2017): Winning Tickets

Why Should You Support Charlotte Magazine?

Opinion: The Vampire ‘Voter ID’ Law

The U.S. Supreme Court refused Monday to hear an appeal that might have resurrected N.C.’s discriminatory 2013 ‘voter ID’ law. So it’s dead, right? Not really.

Thursday With Noncommittal Thom Tillis

Tillis treads water. Two great stories on Reverend Barber. CMPD brass responds to 'Ferguson effect' charge. A Charlotte woman’s frightening faceoff with an off-duty cop with gun drawn.

Perspective: Lessons from the Dirt

Why Are So Many People Drowning in Charlotte?

This summer, children and adults will go into this region’s lakes and pools and never come out. If drowning is predictable, discriminate, and entirely preventable, why are so many people in Charlotte dying in the water?

Life Lessons: Cary Bernstein of Spay Neuter Charlotte

On helping pets, helping people, and helping people help pets

Opinion: What’s At Stake on Health Care

Cities like Charlotte are working to close the gap between rich and poor. If something like the bill the U.S. House passed last week becomes law, we might as well pack up and go home.

A Childhood in Boy Scouts, a Lifelong Love of Cooking

Getting Jewel Tones Into Your Home

Editor's Note (May 2017): Shivers and Sweats

Last Call With Ron Stodghill: Hoop Dreams

Searching for victories with people “just like me”

On the Passing of Mark Binker, North Carolina Journalist

A roundup: legislative chicanery over the Charlotte mayor’s race; requiem for Mark Binker, whose death Saturday shocked the capitol press corps; and the ascendance of ‘reactionism.’

Wildlife and Airplanes: A Look at the Numbers

A plane hit a deer at Charlotte Douglas in February. Still, statistics show that wildlife strikes are rare

Exploring the Sedgefield Neighborhood

The neighborhood hid in the shadow of Dilworth for years. Then South End growth started lapping at its edges.

Essay: Saying Goodbye to Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.: Through the Years

The Persistent Voter Fraud Myth

One new report confirms the absence of widespread voter fraud. Another alleges potential criminal conduct on behalf of a defeated Pat McCrory in trying to prove it.

A Contentious Year Reflected at 2017 Vision Awards

Up Close with USNWC’s Deep Water Solo Wall

Opinion: Expand Medicaid? In NORTH CAROLINA?

A GOP legislator from Winston-Salem filed a bill that would expand Medicaid for about 200,000 North Carolinians who would benefit from it. Hard to believe, I know.

Revisiting Charlotte’s Brawlin' Mill Baseball Leagues

A look back at those disorganized, wild years