December 2016

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Last Call with Ron Stodghill: 'The Ache for Home'

After Keith Scott, some tough questions for Charlotte

How Close is Charlotte to Ending Homelessness?

Two years ago, city leaders set out on a mission to end chronic homelessness by the end of 2016. It was an ambitious goal—one very few cities in the country have even considered. So, how close are we?

Christmas Outings for Charlotte Families

For a holiday treat that requires no wrapping, park your family in uptown

Meet the Owners Behind My Buddy’s Nuts

Stoke Offers Slow-Cooked Satisfaction

Restaurant is both comforting and surprising

Vi Lyles Goes All In

The mayor pro tem helped craft a new agenda for Charlotte after the Keith Scott shooting in September. Will it help?

Betty and Lucille: A 70-Year-Old Friendship

A bond that started at one of Charlotte’s segregated drugstore lunch counters

Bright Lights, Big Cause on Hillside Avenue

Holiday display is a tradition with a purpose

Life Lessons: Joe Vogelbacher of Sugar Creek Brewing

A brewery co-owner, a father of a newborn, a little brother to a sister who is battling cancer, and a reservist who just got called to serve overseas

Charlotteans of the Year 2016: The Kindreds

A day in the life of the husband-and-wife restaurant team that helped bring national attention to Charlotte’s restaurant scene— and had several more important accomplishments in their own house

Charlotteans of the Year 2016: The Double Door Inn

Our oldest music venue will close its doors at the start of 2017, but first it showed everybody how to go out gracefully

On the Line: Chef Mike Suppa

Executive Chef, Charlotte Douglas Airport, with HMS Host

Charlotteans of the Year 2016: CMPD’s Mike Campagna

'Captain Mike' was the face protesters could trust during the Keith Scott protests. A few weeks later he was promoted to major, raising the obvious question: What do we call him now?

Charlotteans of the Year 2016: Charlie Comero

In a year when the LGBTQ community was at the center of Charlotte’s civic life like never before, no one’s voice was heard louder

Charlotteans of the Year 2016: Toussaint Romain

The "man in the white shirt" put himself in between police and protesters, but that’s hardly all he’s done in a long career of public service

Editor's Note (December 2016): Two Guys Named Pat

Charlotteans of the Year 2016: Superintendent Ann Clark

After more than three decades in education, Clark earned the title she long coveted only because the previous superintendent was ousted. She was the right person at the right time

Charlotteans of the Year 2016: Kelly Brooks

One woman had the vision to make it easier to navigate the city’s congested nonprofit landscape

Charlotteans of the Year 2016: Cam Newton

The Carolina Panthers quarterback isn’t perfect, but neither are we— and it’s hard to imagine Charlotte without him now

Creating the Ideal Wine and Cheese Pairing