December 2018

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Charlotte Restaurants Serving New Year's Eve Dinner

Clemson Profs Unveil Russian Trolls’ Information War

A year ago, over beers, a pair of young instructors began a project that opened a window on a campaign against America that continues unabated

Editor's Note (Dec. 2018): Stress Dreams and Gift Giving

Ten individuals who gave love to the city this year, and me, who gave shorts

Perspective: Moving Up

What do our choices about where to live say about the future we want?

6 Things to Do & See in Charlotte: December 2018

A Snapshot of Charlotte's Birth

The city turns 250 this month. How have we grown?

Evangelist Leighton Ford Writes, Paints, and Shares a Bright World

Johnny Fly Disrupts Sunglasses Market with Sustainability

RAIN Looks to End HIV

Theoretically, we have the tools. This Charlotte group is working to turn theory into reality

Along the Way: A Bar Fights a Hurricane

And the hurricane won. What we can learn from one coastal watering hole’s stand against Florence

A Food Tour of Waxhaw, N.C.

The dining scene here just might be the tipping point to something big

Famous Amos Creator Lives Near Charlotte as He Plans Next Venture

Our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Boxes wrapped in silver and gold, stacked high with bows on top. What’s inside? Here are 123 ideas