February 2011

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Edgy Veggie: 6 Great Vegetarian Restaurants

Long gone are the days when eating vegetarian dishes meant sacrificing flavor. Whether you’re looking for a vegetarian approach to comfort food or for a more healthful version of your favorite meat-based entrée, these Charlotte restaurants are serving up creative veggie-packed dishes with fresh taste and plenty of locally grown fare.

Farm Fresh at Harvest Moon Grille

A Dog's Life

Dogs may seem crazy, but when it comes to how to live, they might be on to something

Spring into Culture

From mainstream to alternative, here are eighteen can’t-miss events to put on your spring cultural calendar

Stumbling Across a Hero

On a nearly forgotten yet historic stretch of Trade Street, there is an eccentric house. Inside lives a somewhat eccentric man, who just happens to be a hero of the civil-rights movement. Meet J. Charles Jones

ReVenture Under Review

Tom McKittrick wants to build a development that gasifies our trash, turns it into electricity, and creates 1,000 jobs at a new green-energy innovation hub. It sounds almost too good to be true

House of Love

In a home where three of the four family members suffer from debilitating diseases, love and happiness somehow outweigh regret

Dangerous Territory

In which I take a chance by writing about my dog

The Southwest Effect

Will Southwest’s arrival at CLT really bring down fares? Not likely


Toddlers don’t want Barney and Elmo. They want your iPhone

Broadway and Back

Fourteen-year-old Chantylla Chauncey Johnson talks about her breakthrough on Broadway

Los Cabos

With US Airways now offering a direct flight to Los Cabos, getting to Mexico's Pacific coast has never been easier

Long, Strange Trip

Looking back at CMS's tumultuous year

Pets Rule

Whether you're a cat person or a dog person (or a hamster person or a fish person or a bird person), chances are you agree on one thing: nothing is too good for your pet. And while pet-loving Charlotte is full of great shops, boarders, and walkers, we've found the ones that stand out from the crowd. From a dog gym that will put your workouts to shame to the city's cattiest fashion show, here's the ultimate guide to pets in Charlotte

A La Carte

Cooking for the King

Personal chef Glen Lyman dishes on cooking for Lebron James and Steve Smith, and his ideal kitchen

Exit Through the Gift Shop

Looking to spice up your home decor? Try a museum gift shop

Float On at Monarch

New Dilworth consignment shop is actually much more

Be Mine, Valentine

Rethink your Valentine's Day gift-giving with these modern suggestions

Think Pinky's

Pinky's Westside Grill has all the ingredients to become a Charlotte favorite