February 2015

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A Tight Schedule: A Day in the Life of a Charlotte Cross-Fit Instructor

F3: Fitness, Fellowship, Faith

The F3 craze started here with 35 men. Four years later, thousands of participants in multiple states meet for predawn workouts designed to build better men

A Growing Goal

At Carolinas Medical Center, a new limb-lengthening program brings innovative surgical care to the Charlotte region

The Passionate Ones

From the executive editor

The Disciplined Life: Jimmie Johnson

Jimmie Johnson works out every morning. He drives his daughter to preschool. He says the right things and drives the right way and makes friends wherever he goes. In the rowdy world of NASCAR, he’s the sport’s most consistent winner, year after year. This is not an accident

Around Towns: Belmont

How a tiny city along the railroad tracks became the coolest, newest old mill town around

Grounded: Cheryl Stearns

The Story of Charlotte, Part 10: Fights for Independence

A battle over Sunday blue laws yields to a much larger war after news reaches Charlotte that Pearl Harbor’s been bombed. But when that’s over and the soldiers return home, racial tensions rise and a new, controversial expressway cuts through east Charlotte

The Origins of Passion

What do an Ebola survivor, a tuba player, and an aging runner have in common? A reason for doing what they do

Marsh Magic at SwimMAC Carolina

The best coach you've never heard of is building an Olympic dynasty in Charlotte

Feeding a Passion: Chef Nikki Moore's Style

She brings a personal touch to recipes and private dinners

Life Zero

Can we ever finish every little task, and should we even try

@7th’s Quiet Transformation

Redesigned menu still highlights Italian classics

Improper Pig tries bold take on barbecue

Cotswold restaurant combines smoked meats and Asian cuisine

Renew and Replenish

Stay hydrated this winter with moisturizing products for your skin, hair, and lips

By Design: The Spoke Easy

Remembering the Big One

Charlotte’s reaction to last February’s snowstorm: panic and dog parkas

Talk of the Crown

News, gossip, and other buzzworthy bits

Art for Everyone: Deborah Triplett

A local photographer finds beauty in unexpected places

Charlotte's Best Bites: Chocolate

When it comes to chocolate, it’s hard to judge what’s good and what’s great—our taste buds are happy to have it no matter what. So we asked Geoff Blount, who knows cacao from bean to bar, to pick the best in Charlotte