February 2019

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22 Charlotte Pizzas You Must Try

Deep dish or thin crust? Pepperoni or salmon? Fine dining or after a late night out? No matter your preferences, these are the slices you need to try

Editor's Note (Febuary 2019): Coming a Long Way

And a long way to go

Perspective: Decisions in the Snow

The instinct to keep your options open with a shovel, bread, and milk

Book Spotlight: Judy Goldman's TOGETHER

In her second memoir, author writes of a loving marriage and a medical accident that challenges everything

On the Line with Todd Brinkman

Head of Eat & Drink for Charlotte Marriott City Center

Petit Philippe Helps Charlotteans Navigate Wine and Chocolate

The husband and wife owners of a Myers Park boutique help you shop for Valentine's Day

A Courthouse Wedding How-To for Charlotteans

Three steps to wedded bliss

After His Own Wedding, a Writer Reflects on Same-Sex Marriage’s Evolution

6 Best Things to Do and See in February 2019

Shopping: Power Bags

Around Towns: An Evolving Winston-Salem

Camel City turns its eyes to art

A Woman’s Place in the Kitchen: Culinary Pros Weigh in on Industry Changes

Five culinary professionals weigh in on the evolution of a woman’s role in a male-dominated industry

Restaurant Review: Rosemont in South End

It is what it is, Meaning, mediocre grub served past the hour when quality matters, this writer says

Meet the Charlotte Women Fighting for Food Justice

Access to fresh produce and nutritious meals is inequitable across Mecklenburg County. These gleaners, teachers, and visionaries are changing that. A new food revolution is coming, and its soldiers are armed with unwanted tomatoes, a portable skillet, and tenacity

Essay: Who Rules This City?

There is no singular story of women. The women leading the Queen City are not just the individuals elected to public office. They’re the farmers, the community organizers, the doctors, chefs, and inventors. And they’re calling the shots

Watch Them Run: More Women Than Ever Are in Office. What's Next?

In 2017, women filled the streets of uptown carrying neon posters and wearing pink knit hats. Two years later, more women than ever before ran for and won positions in public office, and now they’re settling into their roles as representatives, senators, council members, and commissioners. After the so-called Year of the Woman, will the shift yield change?

An Excerpt from Tommy Tomlinson's THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM

At almost 50 years old, he weighed 460 pounds. In his debut book, the local writer examines his enduring love affair with fast food and attempts to break his addiction

Can Food Heal? Charlotte Pastries and Cocktails Infused with CBD Just Might