January 2010

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In Plume

The first time Jenny Smith, twenty-nine, went to Green with Envy in Plaza Midwood it was to see if the owners would be interested in becoming clients of the wholesale home décor and gifts company where she was working.

Mix and Match

Some days it's great to give yourself a light spritz of citrus scent before you head out the door.

Twice as Nice

The NoDa art gallery, Lark & Key, has opened a second location in South End.

Dress to Kill

Drop and give us twenty -- buttons down the front, that is.

Opening d'Art

Bechtler Museum, the Making Of

Could there be a worse time to launch a cultural institution? Despite the impressive collection, the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art has a daunting challenge. But if it succeeds, it may reveal a new model for local nonprofits

Let Them Eat Cupcake

Want to impress your guests and sweeten your next soiree? Consider a cupcake bar by Cupcake Creations.

Alexander Michael's

If the cozy wood-paneled booths, flickering candles, and vintage interior at Alexander Michaels weren’t enough to warm you from the season’s chilly evenings, then treat yourself to a serving of the restaurant’s creamy Fourth Ward Stroganoff ($13.75).

One More Time

We chatted with the three owners to find out how the newbie will fit in with the other four establishments, what the differences are between the bars, and which one is their favorite.

Made to Order

Put down the Lean Cuisine. We've found five tasty and fresh dishes that are easy to order—and even easier to eat—at convenient locations around town.

Yn and Dine

Dilworth's Yn wine bar has been around for more than a year, but like the drinks it serves it's aging well.

Viva Vivace

The city's trendiest new restaurant is serving sophisticated Italian fare—and some seriously good pizza

2009 Cracked Crowns

This year's dumbest deeds

Looking Ahead

The Future of Good - Part 2

In the December issue, we launched a two-part series on charitable organizations in Charlotte. In truth, this is not new territory for this magazine. We have long covered the city's important web of nonprofits - usually pointing out who's helping, occasionally shedding light on those who could do better.

The Best Private School Programs

When it comes to your child's education, you want only the best. So instead of sifting through countless brochures and online media kits, we've found it for you. Our list of the best private school programs in Charlotte examines the leading drama and science programs, strongest sports teams, tech-savviest schools, and more. Because sometimes you need the CliffsNotes version.

Tale of Two Cities

Over two decades of booming expansion, Charlotte has grown into two separate cities -- one urban, one suburban. So what happens now?