January 2011

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So You Think You Want To Go to Private School

Making the decision to send your child to private school is a big one — and with increasing problems in local public schools it's one more and more Charlotte parents are considering.

Matters of Style

Border Wars: The Fight Over North and South Carolina

How the search for the North Carolina–South Carolina border turned into a 238-year-old scavenger hunt

Fitness Faux Pas

Timely Fashion: The Season's Colorful Watch Trend

Time to Lead

A year in, Anthony Foxx has already inserted himself into the education debate. Now, it's time to do more

Turning the Page: Top Local Bookstores

Recent months have seen the closing of two bookstore behemoths—Borders’s Morrocroft location and Joseph-Beth. But Q.C. bookworms should dry their reading glasses; there are still plenty of neighborhood shops where you can find your next page turner. We perused the shelves at these volume vendors to find the most unique selections at the best prices.

Burgushi: Cowfish's Creative Menu

Rhetorical Revolution

In 2010, Charlotte saw an explosion of intellectual gatherings and “un-conferences.” Some of the attendees and leaders say they are the city’s new leaders. But is it all just elitist hype?

On Tap: Flatiron Kitchen + Taphouse

The Mayor Will See You Now

In his first year as mayor of a city still recovering from the banking meltdown and suddenly dealing with a school-funding crisis, Anthony Foxx has been thrust into a role he did not expect: the city's psychologist-in-chief. But that doesn't mean he's been able to stay above the political fray

25 Ways to Get Fit

Instead of wallowing in those extra five pounds of leftover holiday lovin', we sought out the twenty-five best ways —- sans the elliptical or treadmill -— to lose weight and tone up long before Memorial Day and summer weather come around.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

A few intrepid souls are seeking to reestablish what it means to be a Christian—by taking their ministry directly to one of Charlotte's toughest neighborhood and attempting to change it from within