January 2017

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On the Line with Adam Duke of Dukes Bread

Travel: Hike Pilot Mountain

And pair the activity with a trip to Mount Airy

Who's Cooking Dinner?

There are four culinary schools in Charlotte. So why is there a shortage of cooks in the city’s restaurants?

Shopping: Active Accessories

Where to Find Sour Beers in Charlotte

Charlotte Chefs to Watch

Style: Brigida Mack of WBTV

On camera and off, goes for natural glamour

Can the Old Common Market Live Again?

The owners are bringing the neighborhood gathering place back. Want to get there? Just walk 1,153 paces from the old spot.

Hungover? This Clinic Says It Can Help

We stayed out too late and put hydration treatment to the test

25 Best New Restaurants in Charlotte 2017

Shawn Harrison: The Traveling Vegan Chef

A pop-up chef brings meat-free cuisine to Charlotteans

2016: The Year Charlotte Lost

Going back to when the city passed liquor-by-the-drink in 1978, Charlotte has sped away from the communities that surround it. In 2016, though, the great urban-rural divide dominated the national conversation. Charlotte lost business, control of its destiny, and a sense of self, in part because of how quickly and thoroughly it had gone forward. Can—and should—it go back?

Last Call With Ron Stodghill: Searching for Wisdom

And finding perspective on 2016 in lessons from the past

Glenn Lyman: The Athletes’ Chef

Chef pushes stars from Kelvin Benjamin to LeBron James to eat better at home, and perform better on the field

Cracked Crowns 2016

Our annual showcase of things that happened in Charlotte, or around Charlotte, or to Charlotte people, that made us use that straight-faced emoji thing

The Audacity of HopeWay

A new Charlotte mental health treatment center fills voids in care and geography

Editor's Note (January 2017): Tan Vests and Blue Sweaters

Opinion: A Different Route Home, A New Perspective

An executive coach says a simple decision during your commute may help you see more than just the city