Shopping: Active Accessories



THE RIGHT ACCESSORIES AND GADGETS might just inspire you to work out more this year. Charlotte's studios and shops have what you need to get moving, stretching, and riding.

Eko Lite Yoga Mat, $68, Laughing Buddha Yoga Studio, 704-362-3311; ManDuka YogITOES mat towel, $70, Laughing Buddha Yoga Studio; Mini Stability Ball, $19.99, Hilliard Studio Method, 704-236-3377; Flex Band, $10.99, Hilliard Studio Method; Mala Sivana Yoga Mat Wash, $12, Laughing Buddha Yoga Studio; Light N Motion bike flashlight, $69.99, Bike Source, 704-525-8410; Delta Smart Phone Holder, $29.99, Bike Source; Giro Riela R women's cycling shoes, $99.99, Bike Source; Prana workout bag, $80, Laughing Buddha Yoga Studio; Water Bottle, $12, Laughing Buddha Yoga Studio 

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