3 Funding Opportunities for Charlotte Artists



FOR VISUAL ARTISTS AND PERFORMERS, there are a few opportunities coming up to get your work funded or garner new commissions. Below, read about opportunities and deadlines from the Arts & Science Council and North Carolina Arts Council.

Arts & Science Council’s Regional Artist Project Grants
The ASC's Regional Artist Project Grants are intended for solo artists or groups of unincorporated creatives to take part in a professional development experience, buying supplies, or to rent or purchase equipment to create work. The money, up to $2,000, must be used for one purpose.

Deadline: Sept. 1
Apply here.

Arts & Science Council’s 2018 Community Supported Art
This one’s a bit different. Taking a cue from Community Supported Agriculture, the ASC breaks it down like this: “Nine carefully selected artists receive a commission of $2,000 to create 50 works of art. This work is then sold in the form of 50 ‘shares’ to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community. A ‘share’ will consist of one piece from each of the nine artists and will be delivered in 3 monthly allocations. These are exclusive events for shareholders only that enable artists and their patrons to meet and connect.” The idea was already successfully done in Minneapolis.

Deadline: Sept. 22
Apply here.

North Carolina Arts Council’s Artist Fellowships
These N.C. Arts Council fellowships have been around for 37 years. Artists get $10,000 "set aside time to work, purchase supplies and equipment, or pursue other artistic goals." This current round is for choreographers, visual artists, craft artists, and filmmakers.

Deadline: Nov. 1
Apply here.

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