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Q&A: Anthony Foxx’s New Mission

Opinion: Unraveling the Rat's Nest of the 12th District Race

The story of what used to be the nation's most gerrymandered Congressional district—and the strange race to see who'll represent it.

5 Ways Berries Can Improve Your Health

Teacher to the Stars: Paul Nitsch

For nearly 40 years, a Queens University professor has helped pianists reach the world’s grandest stages

How Improv Helped Me Find My Own Character

A lost job, a lost relationship, and the class that pulled me through

Opinion: HB2 'Deal' Ends With a Whimper—and Thanks

The Charlotte City Council removed a potential House Bill 2 compromise vote from its agenda Monday. Good call.

Opinion: An HB2 'Compromise'? Why?

Charlotte wouldn't benefit from repealing an ordinance that no longer exists as part of a deal with the people who killed it.

Talk of the Crown (June 2016)

News, gossip, and other buzzworthy bits

Opinion: The McCrory Campaign's Brazen Braeburn Bullsh*t

Pat McCrory and other state leaders have attacked corporate boycotts and pullouts as hypocritical and bullying. So what's with the hostility toward a company that decided not to withdraw?

Join Us Sunday at Myers Park United Methodist Church for a Discussion—"Race, Youth and Football."

Opinion: People! Stop Electing Stupid People!

The fruits (and veggies) of the Nanny State, according to two very stupid people.

The Arizona Evangelical Group Working In Tandem With HB2

It's hard to overstate how perfectly HB2 fits this Arizona nonprofit's mission and agenda.

Watch the Trailer for Cam Newton’s Nickelodeon Show

Opinion: Why Sex Lies At the Heart of the HB2 Lawsuits

The U.S. government recognizes that genitals aren't the only determinant of gender. The state of North Carolina does not.

HB2: How North Carolina Got Here (Updated)

How North Carolina turned into Ground Zero for the nation's most pressing civil rights battle.

Opinion: Is There Any Room For Compromise on HB2?

Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts and legislative leaders Phil Berger and Tim Moore are discussing a deal on House Bill 2. But it's hard to see any room for compromise.

Editor's Note (May 2016): A Prince in His Own Right

Opinion: Pat McCrory In the Fact-Free Refuge of Radio

If you're surprised that Pat McCrory chose the radio to spread a Springsteen falsehood, you just don't understand the medium.

2016 BOB Awards: Voter's Choice

Opinion: The N.C.-DOJ Showdown Over HB2

The U.S. Justice Department said Wednesday that House Bill 2 violates federal law, setting up a court fight sure to get people to the polls come November.

Blakeney Club Voted 2015 Best Tennis Club in NC

Blakeney offers Tennis, fitness, Racquetball, and swim for the entire family.

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The best of arts, culture, and entertainment

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