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The Education of Jennifer Roberts

A closer look at the mayor at the center of the nation’s most fiercely fought civil rights battle

Always Welcome. Open for All

Why Charlotte magazine and Where Charlotte magazine are proud to participate in the Always Welcome campaign

#DiscussCLT: The Hard Nut of Affordable Housing

The latest #DiscussCLT forum concerned affordable housing in a city where rents are skyrocketing by the month.

Adam Rhew Joining Editorial Staff

Opinion: Charlotte Reacts to Death from Rare Amoeba With Jokes, Emojis

Last Call With Ron Stodghill: In Search of Calmer Waters

A morning trip to Stone Mountain with a fly-fishing expert, and the peace we find in quiet rhythms

Three Activists to Watch in Charlotte

The Intense Life of a Helicopter Medic

For the MedCenter Air crew, every minute is precious

Talk of the Crown: July 2016

Mornings in Charlotte: A Photo Essay by Logan Cyrus

Opinion: Why Meck Commissioners Can't Justify Pay Hike

If the county needs to raise pay to attract the 'best and brightest,' it's time to redefine the term.

From Finance to Smoothies: Green Brothers Juice Co.

Josh Norris left a job in finance to open a juice and smoothie bar uptown, and business is growing fast

Chasing a Better Mii: An Essay

How a work-at-home dad used a decade-old video game to lose 80 pounds

Opinion: The Spell 'Radical Islam' Casts

Why the insistence that President Obama use the phrase 'radical Islam'? The roots of the answer go back decades.

Our Sanctuary, Ravaged: Orlando Shootings Hit Close to Home for Charlotte LGBT Community

A gay writer who grew up in Florida wonders if there are any safe places left

Opinion: Resisting the LGBT Taliban, and Other Branding Adventures

Up is down, water is dry, white is black (or rainbow): Messaging can accomplish miracles.

#discussclt - Continuing the Conversation: How to Reduce Traffic and Congestion

Opinion: How Alma Adams Won the 12th

I thought Malcolm Graham had the edge in the Democratic primary for the 12th District Congressional seat. But incumbent Alma Adams' money and a split Charlotte ticket filed it away.

Muhammad Ali: The Champ of Comedy

He was The Greatest in multiple ways, of course. But has any prominent athlete—any prominent non-comedian—ever been funnier?

#discussclt - Continuing the Conversation: What Role Does Community Land Trust Have?

#discussclt: A Voice in How Our City Develops

Kick Off Festival Season with Symphony in the Park

Last Call With Ron Stodghill: The City of Second Chances

With Patrick Cannon’s sentence more than halfway over, a look at Great Charlotte Comeback Stories