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Last Land on 485: The Oehler Family Farm

One farming family watched Interstate 485 creep closer to them from both sides for nearly three decades, until their land was the last link in the loop. They never protested. They never tried to stop it. But when they saw the road open in early June, a piece of their family was lost

Bursting With Pride

How Charlotte created the third-largest LGBTQ pride event in the South

Yoga for the Rest of Us

One woman’s search for Charlotte’s laziest yoga class

Lines of Duty: Chief Rodney Monroe

When a white CMPD officer shot and killed an unarmed black man two years ago, there were no riots here. Why not? The answer starts with the retiring police chief

Last Call with Ron Stodghill: The Mighty 704

An area code can instantly evoke a feeling, depending on who’s calling

Hot Coffee, Pancakes, and Granddaddy

What would happen if we ranked restaurants on sentiment instead of hype?

In Andy's Steady Hands

A son won’t let his father’s Parkinson’s disease stand between them

We Still Have a Race Problem

Why are we so afraid to talk about it?

In the Raw: Naked Sushi Night in Charlotte

Late at night in dining rooms and restaurants, adults are throwing a different type of dinner party—one in which sushi comes served on a nude model. Come on, we’ll show you. Don’t blush.

Last Call with Ron Stodghill: The Best Concert You Never Saw

What money can buy: intimate nights with some of the biggest names in music

Charlotte's Best Movie Cameos

A map of the city's Hollywood moments

First and Last Words

A writer, a hermit, and Oreo cookies: The strange and sad tale of Cole Waddell's first magazine story

Rolling on Laughs: Jenn Lyon on Broadway

Not long ago, South Mecklenburg High School graduate was scooping ice cream and flinging pizzas, wondering if she’d ever make it as an actress. Now, she’s a star in the hottest show on Broadway

Playing in the Mud: The North Carolina Warrior Dash

Event lets adults be kids again

Way Out: Moving Out

Goodbye to you, Charlotte: Here’s to all the things I’ll miss and all the things I missed

Best of the Best: Charlotte Diversions

Best of the Best: Charlotte Beer

Best of the Best: Charlotte Body + Soul

Paper or Plastic: A Guide to Grocery Shopping in Charlotte

With Publix opening stores from Ballantyne to Cornelius and a Whole Foods planned uptown, the options for grocery shopping can be overwhelming. Whether you’re an avid coupon collector or dread pushing the shopping cart, these tips will help you navigate the aisles.

The Amazing Race: Dragon Boat Festival on Lake Norman

Visions of the New South: Q&A With David Goldfield

Stacked City: Real Estate 2015

Home sales are down, rental prices are up, and everywhere you look in South End, a new apartment complex is rising. Charlotte is finally attracting legions of young professionals to its urban center, but that means some families are fleeing to the outskirts of town. The latest real estate boom raises an old question: Will we grow up, or out?

Ron Carlee's Charge: Deal With It

Charlotte City Manager Ron Carlee has had to handle a state attempt to seize control of the city’s airport, a hot-potato transit project, and an arrested mayor. He’s done so by getting to work, and remembering when times were far worse

The Story of Charlotte, Part 12: Blotting Out the Sun

Led by Hugh McColl and a motivated banking industry, Charlotte becomes the world-class city it’s always wanted to be. Or does it?
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Poking the Hornet's Nest

Greg Lacour on Politics

In Defense of the Gold Line

Charlotte's streetcar is off to a bit of a rough start. But stop trying to race it and think about the city's future.


HRC and the KKK: Seriously?

The state GOP is pushing the 'Democrats are the real racists' line in an especially ridiculous way.

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Scenes From a Klan Rally

This was the dead end of the national conversation on race.

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Way Out

Dispatches in Inanity from Jeremy Markovich

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools tweets 'Good morning!' and students respond by hating on CMS

Why it's actually a good sign that kids are responding to even the most inane tweet.


Interstate 485 is the Anakin Skywalker of Highways

How a vital road can turn to the Dark Side so quickly.


Why Was This WWII Bomber Circling My House?

No really. I have a picture and everything.


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Trade & Tryon

Where Charlotte business, politics, and media intersect

Why CMPD Arrested Officer Randall Kerrick

A look at the deliberations that led to manslaughter charge


Stearns Ready to Make 20,000th Skydive

Six months after an accident left her grounded, the former US Army Golden Knight is on her way back up


Stodghill Named Columnist

Former New York Times staff writer and Nieman Fellow will take over back-page duties


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