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Four Downs With Panthers Tight End Greg Olsen

"To have one of the premier facilities in our hometown is something people in this community should not only appreciate, but cherish."

Twenty Minutes with the New River

Lord, We Climbed a Mountain

From the executive editor

Visiting Ashe County

How do they make the famous cheese of the High Country? Come see for yourself

Visiting Morganton

Hike in the mornings, have a beer in the afternoon, and, at night, watch the lights dance on the mountaintops

Jared Allen Brings Unique Personality to Panthers

When the Panthers traded Chicago a 2016 sixth-round pick for Allen on Monday, they picked up one of the NFL's well-known extroverts. He's played some pretty good football over the years, as well.

Inside the Woolly Worm Festival

It’s a festival where woolly worms race, and the winner predicts the weather for the winter. How can you possibly say no to this?

Pat and the Evangelicals

Gov. Pat McCrory 'distanced himself' a month ago from a full-page newspaper ad for an evangelical gathering. During the event Saturday, there was no distance at all.

NASCAR Hall of Fame's Buz McKim

Historian keeps racing stories alive

Yes, Virginia Wine

Head even farther north, over the state line, for a taste of something good

Boehner's Nemesis

In three years, Mark Meadows has gone from sandwich shop owner to a leader of Congress' tea party caucus—which on Friday celebrated the departure of its primary target, John Boehner.

Four Downs with Panthers Cornerback Josh Norman

Josh Norman's star is quickly rising around the NFL. Not only are more noticing his solid play at cornerback, but his mouth brings him plenty of attention as well.

On Flat Rock

From the Carl Sandburg house to Flat Rock Playhouse to the great food in the village, this tiny town packs a lot into a small space

Pushback on the Light Rail Cap

Even Republicans in the General Assembly are objecting to a state budget that would block the Triangle's planned light rail project.

Walk Inside a Mountain at Stumphouse Tunnel

Beneath These Stones: Charlotte's Hebrew Cemetery

It's more than a burial ground. It’s where we find a crucial part of the city’s history

Trai Turner Skillfully Blocks Away Newfound Attention

A Note About 'The New Immigrants'

It should go without saying that Mexican immigrants have been valuable additions to Charlotte's culture. But it doesn't. Thanks, Donald.

Stones in the Woods: Poinsett Bridge

South Carolina spot offers a glimpse of forgotten history

Looking Down at the Clouds: Grandfather Mountain

And finding the Attic Window, its greatest reward

Curling in Charlotte

It's not just for Canadians anymore

The Last Hot Dog I Ever Ate

A Charlotte native’s thoughts on a changing city, and what we’re missing

The New Immigrants

For years, Charlotte’s Latino community consisted mostly of laborers from Mexico who come here to eke out a living. But a new wave of affluent, entrepreneurial immigrants—including Manolo Betancur—is establishing itself in unexpected places. They may be the city’s, and the country’s, future