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An On-Air Horror in Virginia

Second Amendment extremists have a slogan: 'Come and get them,' meaning guns. It has a horrible double edge this morning.

Fourth Down, And A Way to Go

As the city worried about protesters in the wake of the Kerrick trial this weekend, the Myers Park football team made a goal line stand

Charlotte vs. Raleigh: Are We Rivals or Friends?

North Carolina’s two largest cities have grown up and become peers now. Cohorts! Friends! But sometimes old rivalries rise again

Ambiguity Reigns

We all wanted resolution from the Randall Kerrick trial. We didn't get it, and we probably never will.

The Trial That Divided Us

A white police officer shot and killed an unarmed black man, and each of us saw the case through our own lens

Kerrick, Ferrell, and the Consequences of Panic

Randall Kerrick's manslaughter trial has been, from start to finish, a tale about the destructive effects of panic.

Why a Black Pastor Feels Called to a White Church

Implicit Bias and the Shooting of Jonathan Ferrell

Studies show bias can affect even well-meaning police officers

So Why Did Randall Kerrick Testify?

It's risky for defendants in criminal trials to testify on their own behalf. Here's why the risk was worth it for Randall Kerrick in his manslaughter trial.

Marc Jacksina: A Chef and His Kitchen

The Earl's Grocery chef shares some of his favorite things

Modern. Southern. Baptists.

Park Road Baptist Church sits just one mile from where the world’s most famous Southern Baptist grew up. But this isn’t your usual Baptist church, and husband-and-wife duo Russ and Amy Jacks Dean aren’t your usual Baptist ministers

Beyond the Banks

Charlotte is sometimes criticized for being too corporate. But those critics haven't taken the time to get to know the people who work in our largest industry. Meet eight Charlotte-area residents who are people first and bankers second

The New American Banker: Andree Taylor

He was a fast-rising young businessman when he moved to Charlotte in 2005. Over the past 10 years, he’s changed alongside the banking industry

Dog Heaven: Day Care for Canines

A guide to local services

The Mythology of Place

A father learns that even after moving to the South, the next generation’s regional identity is somewhere inside its electronic devices

Last Land on 485: The Oehler Family Farm

One farming family watched Interstate 485 creep closer to them from both sides for nearly three decades, until their land was the last link in the loop. They never protested. They never tried to stop it. But when they saw the road open in early June, a piece of their family was lost

Bursting With Pride

How Charlotte created the third-largest LGBTQ pride event in the South

Why CMPD Arrested Officer Randall Kerrick

A look at the deliberations that led to manslaughter charge

Yoga for the Rest of Us

One woman’s search for Charlotte’s laziest yoga class

The Dark Thoughts of David Joy

Charlotte-born author discusses his first novel

Behind These Masks: Hinds’ Feet Farm

Why the family that built Lance crackers is now on a mission to help people with traumatic brain injuries on a farm in Huntersville

Talk of the Crown (July 2015)

News, gossip, and other buzzworthy bits

Following Up

From the executive editor

Top Doctors 2015

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