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Around Town: Belmont

How a tiny city along the railroad tracks became the coolest, newest old mill town around

The Origins of Passion

What do an Ebola survivor, a tuba player, and an aging runner have in common? A reason for doing what they do

The Story of Charlotte, Part 10: Fights for Independence

A battle over Sunday blue laws yields to a much larger war after news reaches Charlotte that Pearl Harbor’s been bombed. But when that’s over and the soldiers return home, racial tensions rise and a new, controversial expressway cuts through east Charlotte

Cracked Crowns 2014

Our annual list of the most awkward, frustrating, and bless-your-heart moments of the year

Former Pros Coach High School Teams

Students learn from the best

Fine Tuning: Piano Technician James Baker

Charlottean of the Year 2014: James Ford

At a time when everybody—politicians, teachers, parents, students—points to what’s wrong with the education system, our Charlottean of the Year is determined to show us what’s right

Charlottean of the Year 2014 (Public Service): Anne Tompkins

She prosecuted the mayor. She investigated Saddam Hussein’s regime. She can be stern. But for Anne Tompkins, bringing justice brings her joy

Charlottean of the Year 2014 (Sports): BB&T Ballpark

Exploring Ridesharing: Uber, Lyft, and Yellow Cab of Charlotte

Bankers. Bar-hoppers. Drug runners? As the holiday party season approaches, one writer sets out to explore the new world of ridesharing

Secrets of the City

Charlotte Hornets Talk Backflips, Sweet Tea, and the Rubik’s Cube

Members of the newly renamed team share some of their favorite things

Around Town: Davidson

A Main Street Town and a College Town Walk Into a Soda Shop…

Split Tickets: Charlotte's Cultural Sector

Many large local arts organizations and shows are setting records. Big money is pouring into a major fundraising campaign led by Hugh McColl. But the news isn’t good everywhere. Smaller companies are struggling, with some even shutting down. Can Charlotte sustain both?

The Story of Charlotte, Part 7: Bills of Rights

The mills bring growth and the city expands, giving Charlotteans the freedom to live in such faraway places as the new neighborhood of Dilworth. But after a series of political fights, many residents will soon feel the full grip of oppression

Latta Arcade: 100 Years of History

The uptown landmark was built in 1914

Dr. J. Michael Bitzer: The Professor on Speed Dial

When reporters need analysis of the Tillis-Hagan race—or any other political matter, really—they call him. So how did this bow tie-wearing, statistics-loving, Southern politics-following academic from Clemson become everybody’s go-to source?

Up, Up, and Away: Carolina BalloonFest

The Statesville event returns October 17-19

2014 BOB Awards: Arts & Culture

Matt Swierad's Play By Play

Meet the man who’s been announcing Knights games for 16 years

Anthony Abbott: More Than Words

Five decades ago, poetry saved a Davidson College professor from despair. He’s spent the rest of his life sharing the gift of writing with others

Real Estate 2014

Charlotte’s real estate market is coming back to life. Whether you’re starting a family, looking to invest, or retiring, there’s a house out there for you

The Knights Come Home

After 10 years of court cases, after a series of complicated land swaps, after two decades floundering away as the South Carolina baseball team with the Charlotte name, the Knights are home. And the pressure is on to make it all worthwhile

Local Voice-Over Actors Sound Off

Professionals lend their talent to everything from video games to jewelry commercials
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Poking the Hornet's Nest

Greg Lacour on Politics

U.S. Rep. Renee Ellmers, Apostate

Some thoughts on North Carolina GOP Congresswoman Renee Ellmers and the furor she stirred up by opposing an abortion bill with the right-to-lifers in town.


Clodfelter: 'Seriously Pursuing' Possible Mayoral Run

Mayor Dan Clodfelter sits for an interview on the state of Charlotte's past, present, and future—and whether he'll be running next election


On Hookers and Bananas

Chiquita's departure raises the inevitable questions about tax incentives for corporations. We can answer them quickly.


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Way Out

Dispatches in Inanity from Jeremy Markovich

Interstate 485 is the Anakin Skywalker of Highways

How a vital road can turn to the Dark Side so quickly.


Why Was This WWII Bomber Circling My House?

No really. I have a picture and everything.


It Has To Be Everything

The Charlotte Hornets revealed their new uniforms, which are great and terrible, no matter what.


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Trade & Tryon

Where Charlotte business, politics, and media intersect

Seattle Met Was Afraid To Answer These Questions

Ahead of the Seahawks-Panthers playoff game, we'd like to know a few things about the Emerald City.


Just (Now) Married: Day One for Charlotte’s Same-Sex Couples


Jarvis Holliday's Big Day

Two releases: A Dale Earnhardt Jr. feature, and the Dusk Till Dawn Social Series


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