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#KeithLamontScott: An Interactive Timeline of Coverage

One Year Later, the Keith Scott Shooting’s Last Piece of Official Business

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police announced policy changes Friday based on recommendations from the city’s Citizens Review Board. Can they make fatal police-citizen encounters less likely?

The End of Jennifer Roberts’ Hard Two Years

Mayor Jennifer Roberts has done some things well, some not so well. She lost her primary election Tuesday, but she mattered, and she’s not quite done as some kind of public servant.

7 People, 4 Dogs, & a Broken Couch: A Florida Native Hosts His Evacuating Family

Designers Collaborate on Panthers-Themed Jewelry

Get ready for football season with a limited edition line

A Fun Ride: One Family, A Ferris Wheel & Their Journey

Sponsored by Big Round Wheel

Vineyards and Wineries Close to Charlotte

Great wine is only an afternoon visit, day trip, or weekend away

Essay: What I Learned as a New Charlottean at Pride

Drinking in the Yadkin Valley, N.C.'s First Designated Wine Region

Monroe's Treehouse Vineyards a Sweet Escape

Is Charlotte Spinning Its Wheels On Affordable Housing?

To their surprise, Charlotte City Council members learned Monday that there’s more than enough “workforce” housing in Charlotte—but not housing for the very poor.

Perspective: Getting Around to Getting Around

Try something you’ve meant to do again

Last Call With Ron Stodghill: Farewell, Friends

After 13 years in Charlotte and 28 back-page columns, this writer and teacher is headed to Missouri

A Davidson College Prank Lives Forever on Campus

Remember Bill Edwards? The wild adventures of a long-lost Davidson classmate

Houston Flood Lessons For Charlotte

Charlotte has done a better job than most U.S. cities in preparing for a catastrophic flood. Is it enough?

24 Solutions for Charlotte

Some are big, some are small. Some are serious, some not so much. All need fixing.

6+ Places to Watch Mayweather Vs. McGregor in Charlotte

How Can We Keep Housing Affordable?

As teachers, cooks, cashiers, and bus drivers are being priced out of Charlotte, one question looms: How does a growing, thriving city in modern America keep housing affordable for its working-class citizens?

Transportation: How to Avoid Becoming Atlanta

The plans, and some suggestions, for Charlotte’s ever-growing webwork of transportation options

Essay: One Immigrant's Journey

In a city where the Latino population is growing by the day, one man’s journey shows how the help of just a few people can change families for generations

Why Access to High-Quality Preschool Could Be Our Best Chance

Mecklenburg County’s bold plan could be the way to boost two generations

Photos: Uptown During the Great American Eclipse

How Can We Bridge the Community-Police Divide?

One year ago, a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officer shot and killed Keith Lamont Scott, and Charlotte erupted. Today, CMPD and the citizens it’s supposed to serve peer at each other across a gulf of distrust that some members of both sides are trying harder than ever to cross
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