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4 Charlotte Charities Worth Your Dollar

Local groups advocate for children, house the homeless, and feed the hungry

Charlotteans of the Year: The 2015 Class

WATCH: Cam's Thanksgiving Jam

Panthers' quarterback Cam Newton fed and entertained hundreds of children Monday night.

A Governor, an Attorney General, and a Transgender Kid

Pat McCrory asked Roy Cooper over the weekend to pick a side in a Virginia school system's legal dispute with a transgender teenager. Here's what it means and why it matters.

Charlotteans of the Year 2015: Dale Mullennix

Opinion: No Go for ‘No-Go’

There are ways to effectively and legally fight crime. Creating “public safety zones” isn't one of them.

Four Downs with Panthers RB Jonathan Stewart

His favorite restaurant? An app.

Charlotteans of the Year 2015: Howard Levine

One of the most generous donors in North Carolina talks about what he's learned about leadership, philanthropy, and helping the needy

Charlotteans of the Year 2015: Jeff Gordon

In a 23-year career, the NASCAR legend not only gained acceptance, he’s become one of our city’s most prominent citizens, helping raise millions for children’s cancer research

Letter from the Editor: Can't Stop, Won't Stop

What do all of our Charlotteans of the Year have in common? They'll never give up

Charlotteans of the Year 2015: Tom Hanchett

The retiring Levine Museum historian answers a few questions about the value of history and its meaning to Charlotte, and to him

Charlotteans of the Year 2015: Amy Hawn Nelson

Half of our schools are segregated by race. Nelson, a researcher and CMS graduate, uses a passion for children and powerful data to show why that needs to change

Thomas Davis Defending Dreams Thanksgiving Dinner

See why the Carolina Panthers linebacker is the reigning NFL Man of the Year.

Opinion: The Audacity of Reality

At his Davidson College speech and in his writing, Ta-Nehisi Coates urges us to drop the delusion on race in America.

Opinion: The Sound of Pat McCrory Slamming the Door

Pat McCrory's rationale for rejecting Syrian refugees to North Carolina is political, not practical.

Four Downs with Panthers Guard Trai Turner

Panthers offensive guard Trai Turner is this week's subject in our "Four Downs" series.


CMS' decision to use a school building it had leased to a charter school got charter advocates and headline writers riled up.

Panthers Get Appropriate Visit on Veterans Day

Inspirational fan makes impromptu appearance.

Your New Family Tradition: Take a Ride on the Train to Christmas Town

Take a journey with a special Christmas destination

Opinion: SouthPark Mall, Starbucks, & Victimhood

The flareup over SouthPark Mall's Christmas tree and the Starbucks cup kerfuffle involve the sale of an intoxicating drug: assumed victimhood.

Four Downs with Panthers Linebacker Thomas Davis

Panthers linebacker and the NFL's 2014 Walter Payton Man of the Year Thomas Davis is this week's subject in our "Four Downs" series.

Ellen DeGeneres Gives Local College Kids $50,000

One student goes to Winthrop, the other attends The Art Institute of Charlotte

Jennifer Roberts' Challenge

Jennifer Roberts went from long shot to contender to favorite to eking out a win in Charlotte's mayoral race. Here's what she did right, did wrong, and still needs to do.