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Essay: Saying Goodbye to Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.: Through the Years

The Persistent Voter Fraud Myth

One new report confirms the absence of widespread voter fraud. Another alleges potential criminal conduct on behalf of a defeated Pat McCrory in trying to prove it.

A Contentious Year Reflected at 2017 Vision Awards

Up Close with USNWC’s Deep Water Solo Wall

Opinion: Expand Medicaid? In NORTH CAROLINA?

A GOP legislator from Winston-Salem filed a bill that would expand Medicaid for about 200,000 North Carolinians who would benefit from it. Hard to believe, I know.

Revisiting Charlotte’s Brawlin' Mill Baseball Leagues

A look back at those disorganized, wild years

6 CSA Options for Farm-Fresh Goodies

When it comes to CSAs, vegetables are only one option

Meet Charlotte Native and WWE Wrestler Cedric Alexander

River District: The Country Behind the Airport

Two Charlotte developers are about to embark on the city’s biggest development in decades, on the last large piece of undeveloped land in Mecklenburg County. Who and what’s been out here all this time, and will it disappear for good?

Opinion: The Big Post-HB2 Question

House Bill 142 as a replacement for HB2 might have been the best compromise under the circumstances. But we're all still under the legislature's thumb.

HB2: How North Carolina Got Here (Updated)

How North Carolina turned into Ground Zero for the nation's most pressing civil rights battle.

Last Call With Ron Stodghill: Simple Stone Markers

In Matthews, an African-American cemetery, an apartment complex, and a test of trust

Our Last Home

A blue bungalow, a big backyard, and a future that was all too short

Life Lessons: WFAE's Joe O'Connor

Taught by some of the biggest names in television history, WFAE’s president and CEO is driving Charlotte’s NPR radio station toward a bright future

6 Big Questions for Charlotte's Real Estate Market

Charlotte's 12 Best Suburbs: 2017

The definitive, unbiased, statistical ranking of the top places to live and visit around Charlotte

Style: Dancer Felipe Gonzalez Edmiston

On and off the ballroom floor, he loves the classics

Opinion: HB2, a Year In

It's been a year since House Bill 2 passed. It seems like longer. It was just the beginning.

A Ranking of Charlotte's Irish Pubs

Our Staff's March Madness Picks

Will the Tar Heels win another national title?

Setting Up a Heated, Strange Race For Charlotte Mayor

With all the arrows pointed at Jennifer Roberts and the introduction this week of a pooping pug, we could be in for a weird 2017 Charlotte mayor’s race.

Opinion: Berger’s Information Fraud

N.C. Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger got caught changing headlines in violation of Facebook policy. His response? Accuse Facebook of censorship. Via Facebook.