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Opinion: A Historic Ruling on Voter ID

A federal court ruling Friday was uncommonly blunt about North Carolina's 2013 voter law: Its intent was racially discriminatory, and its justification was nonsense.

Sip & Stroll at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

The Great and Future Office Building

Common Market South End will close on Saturday, as developers plan an office building at the site of the deli/market and bar.

Opinion: Invaders On the Lapel

Sure, it's facepalm-funny. But the paranoia is most real.

Are Dogs Replacing Kids?

In some modern-day families, pets aren’t just a step toward children—they’re replacing them

Life Lessons: CMPD Officer Rick Zoerb

Seven Oh Fur: Portraits of Charlotte's Pets

A photo essay by Chris Edwards

Opinion: Hillary and Trump in Charlotte, with Operators Standing By

Donald Trump, in Charlotte on Tuesday, promised veterans a 24/7 hotline to field complaints he might handle personally. If you believe that, you are beyond help.

The $20,000 Mutt: Can You Put a Price on a Best Friend?

Last Call With Ron Stodghill: Coming Home Again

I left Charlotte for New York, and I couldn’t wait to get back

Strategic Moves Private Aircraft Charter: The Airline Alternative for Time Optimization

When every second of every day is spoken for, waiting in airline terminals means losing quality time better spent with family or closing profitable deals

Penelope Needs a Home

The world through the eyes of the animals at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care and Control, where there’s no time like right now

This Isn't the First Time the NBA's Put Charlotte on Notice

The NBA was fed up with discrimination. So it threatened to move a pro basketball game from the largest city in North Carolina. And the league insisted on nondiscrimination protections before it would come back.

Opinion: Charlotte, Dunked On—Again

The NBA's pullout of Charlotte as host city for the 2017 NBA All-Star Game will rob the city's tourism industry of as much as $100 million—and sets an alarming precedent for planned events across the board.

Opinion: Goodwill's Working Accomplishment

The new Goodwill Opportunity Campus and Levine Opportunity Center on the west side represent hope for a lot of people—and the rest of us

5 Summer Skin Care Secrets

Editor's Note (August 2016): Shoo-Shoo-Shoo

Where Is Charlotte Going With Community Policing?

Police in Charlotte adopted 'community policing' as a philosophy 25 years ago. Is it any closer to working than it was then?

At NAACP-Police Forum, the Start of a Solution

No one knows where the solution ends, but here's where it begins.

Opinion: Transparency Redefined

The governor signs into law a bill concealing police video from the public—in the name of "transparency."

Photo Essay: Black on Black Love Rally

The Storm and the Rally

After a week filled with police shootings and an attack on police in Dallas, a search for answers at Charlotte protests

Lucky, Mr. Ford, and the Chief

What we can learn about race, police, and disagreeing with each other from our three most recent Charlotteans of the Year