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Stepping Back To Assess the Danquirs Franklin Case

It might help to gauge where we stand now in the March 25 Danquirs Franklin shooting—exactly what happened when, what’s known, what isn’t, and the high probability that the officer will be found to have acted within the bounds of the law.

In Memoriam: A Kaddish for the Voices of Our Conscience

The writer of a 2009 Holocaust series revisits stories of survivors who have left us

Protesters Remember Danquirs Franklin, Object to CMPD’s Use of Force

Nearly a hundred gather peacefully in Marshall Park after footage of officer-involved shooting was released yesterday

After Shooting, Personal Trainer Sydney Cummings Strengthens Reach

Public Officials React to Danquirs Franklin Shooting Footage

Analysis: Unanswerable Questions in Danquirs Franklin Shooting

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police released body camera footage Monday of the fatal police shooting of Danquirs Franklin on March 25—and how people will perceive and react to it is anyone’s guess.

Charlotte's Wall

In early February, ICE swept the city’s Latino community more aggressively than before, driving fear of arrest and deportation deeper into the streets of Charlotte

DEQ to Duke: Clean Up the Coal Ash

On Monday, the state DEQ ordered Duke Energy to remove coal ash from six sites, including two near Charlotte. Here’s a rundown of some of our coal ash coverage through the years.

Perspective: Spring, With Interest

The season for paying attention—and taxes

Editor's Note (April 2019): True Value

My childhood home’s curtain call

Meet the 'Closet Editors' Behind edit+style

Best friends Cathy Monte and Kristen Garnett show clients how to wear what they have

Along the Way: Detained at Daybreak

A few thoughts on ICE and people who vanish on a sunny day

Puerto Rican Paradox: When Tourism Becomes Relief

Since Hurricane Maria, tourists have been reluctant to return to the popular vacation destination. But Puerto Rico needs tourism dollars now more than ever

Charlotte Real Estate Investor Talks North Pole, Other Extreme Adventures

Tense Sit-In Protest at Pizza Peel Ends Without Arrests

Fired bartender at center of demonstration hints at more to come

Narratives Clash in Fatal Danquirs Franklin Shooting

By the end of Monday, the list of incontrovertible facts about the police shooting death of Danquirs Franklin was brief.

Monroe Record Store Owner Gives Talented Locals a Stage

Jampac Records has been open for more than three decades

18 Adventurous Outings Near Charlotte

Sure, this city might not be a mecca for outdoorsy activities. But if you know where to look, there’s so much to explore within 200 miles of uptown

Direct Flight: Stingray City, Antigua

A born-and-raised Floridian learns not to fear the friendly, floppy creatures

Copperhead Strike Coaster Unveiled at Carowinds

A Writer Traces the Origin of Her NoDa House

And reflects on its renovation—and the life she’s built within its walls

7 Questions for Charlotte Real Estate Agents

Life Lessons: CMPD's Vicki Foster

As she approaches retirement, police second-in-command discusses community, tactics, and rising through the ranks as a black woman