November 2014

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Latta Arcade: 100 Years of History

The uptown landmark was built in 1914

Secrets of the City

Charlotte Hornets Talk Backflips, Sweet Tea, and the Rubik’s Cube

Members of the newly renamed team share some of their favorite things


Letter from the executive editor

Around Towns: Davidson

A Main Street Town and a College Town Walk Into a Soda Shop…

The Story of Charlotte, Part 7: Bills of Rights

The mills bring growth and the city expands, giving Charlotteans the freedom to live in such faraway places as the new neighborhood of Dilworth. But after a series of political fights, many residents will soon feel the full grip of oppression

Split Tickets: Charlotte's Cultural Sector

Many large local arts organizations and shows are setting records. Big money is pouring into a major fundraising campaign led by Hugh McColl. But the news isn’t good everywhere. Smaller companies are struggling, with some even shutting down. Can Charlotte sustain both?

The Conspiracy Tree Tower

A special investigative report

Ms. Sarah’s Breakfast Club

Where west Charlotte activists meet uptown’s power players

A Picture Is Worth … 100 Words?

A new festival challenges filmmakers to choose their words wisely

Mangia, Mangia

Musical Chairs at Bakersfield

It’s all about the honky-tonk at this spot, now serving up Mexican food in Dilworth

Cantina 1511: Expanding the Border

New location on Park Road solidifies the Mexican eatery’s brand

Gluten-Free Goods

Some do it by choice, others by necessity. Whatever your reason for steering clear of gluten, here are five of the best places to find gluten-free beer, pizza, sweets, and more.

Dr. J. Michael Bitzer: The Professor on Speed Dial

When reporters need analysis of the Tillis-Hagan race—or any other political matter, really—they call him. So how did this bow tie-wearing, statistics-loving, Southern politics-following academic from Clemson become everybody’s go-to source?

Saving Uptown’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

How a former high school drum major rescued the annual event

Seasonal Feast for the Senses

This season, choose gold accents to add sparkle to your holiday table

Screen Saver: Christine Nelson's Style

The WBTV anchor’s fashion choices complement her sunny attitude