October 2013

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Goodbye to a Hooters

And hello to whatever’s next. Why we don’t shed a tear when some old buildings come tumbling down

Best Bets for October

Your best bets of what to see and do in Charlotte

Safe Haven: The Respite

A young widow opens a center to help grieving women

Street Looks: Jade Cotter

Charlottean does her "own thing"

Cap It Off

Lore Emelio dreamed of a career in fashion, and now she’s found a hit with hats

Freaks and Geeks

This month, Charlotte hosts its first Fringe Festival

The Golden Years

James Street worked hard for nearly seven decades. State lawmakers say that’s not enough

Health Care’s Next Frontier

Novant Health’s chief consumer officer talks about running hospitals in the age of Medicaid cuts and Obamacare

Mayor for a Moment: Patsy Kinsey

She may be quiet. She may be in office only for a few months. But Kinsey knows that her name will be etched in Charlotte history as the mayor who followed Pat McCrory and Anthony Foxx. And she doesn’t take that lightly

Drinks In The Garden

A recipe from "The Drunken Botanist"

Fresh Take: Cantina 1511

The restaurant has a new outlook—and more changes are on the way

Heath Morrison's Hard Charge

Education took a beating this year in state and local budgets. In Mecklenburg County, one man, now in his second year as superintendent, stands as the first line of defense against letting the punches reach the kids

Made in Charlotte: Food & Drink

After years of spreading out, something is stirring within our city limits. Regular people are making extraordinary things with their own hands.

Made in Charlotte: Home Goods

Visiting workshops of Charlotte

Made in Charlotte: Build a Bed

Three sleeping essentials

Made in Charlotte: Jewelry

Visiting workshops of Charlotte

Made in Charlotte: Gifts & More

Visiting workshops of Charlotte

Made in Charlotte

Products made by the hands of Charlotteans

The Crash of 2008

As we look back at some of the most frightening days in Charlotte’s history, we see that the crash can’t be measured in numbers.