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The Cove at Celo Mountain

Map8 Town Square
Burnsville, NC 28714
  • Mountains
  • Outdoor activities


Few places on earth offer beautiful, rolling vistas in such abundance as the Blue Ridge mountains. And we think that among western North Carolina’s private communities, our views are some of the most spectacular—range upon range disappearing into the horizon. But as amazing as they are, our views aren’t what make The Cove at Celo Mountain such a genuinely special retreat. It’s the water. It’s the clear, icy streams that crisscross our seventy-plus acres of forest, splashing against massive, moss-covered boulders…leaping over waterfalls…snaking under fallen logs…pausing to rest in deep, dark pools where native browns flash and swirl…then rushing off again to plunge down rugged crags and roll through sleepy meadows.

And that sound! Is there any sound anywhere that can entrance and delight like the burbling whisper of a mountain creek? Is there any better way to loosen clenched muscles and sweep away cares than to doze beneath a cool, green canopy of old-growth hardwood next to a tiny pocket waterfall? Is there a more restful night’s sleep than one spent buried in quilts next to a window open to the cool autumn night and the soft, jingling brookside serenade?

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