August 2015

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Press Play: The Case for Hiring a Videographer

As the star of your wedding day, you miss some moments. A videographer captures them for you to watch the rest of your life

Hannah and Chuck: Charlotte City Club

November 8, 2014: First United Methodist Church, Charlotte City Club. Photos by Indigo Photography

Melani and Matt: The Arbors + Events

September 27, 2014: The Arbors + Events. Photos by Isil Dohnke

Ashley and Joseph: Charlotte City Club

February 14, 2015: St. Peter Catholic Church, Charlotte City Club. Photos by Critsey Rowe Photography

Holly and Corey: The Reel Barn

September 27, 2014: The Reel Barn, Iron Station. Photos by Crystal Stokes Photography

Shanae and Greg: Historic Rosedale Plantation

May 17, 2014: Historic Rosedale Plantation. Photos by Jonathan Volk Photography

Emily and Sean: Mint Museum Uptown

August 16, 2014: Mint Museum Uptown. Photos by The Schultzes

Anna and Erick: Saratoga Springs

June 14, 2014: Saratoga Springs, Mount Pleasant. Photos by Brent Gulledge Photography

Catherine and Mike: Foundation for the Carolinas

June 28, 2014: Covenant Presbyterian, Foundation for the Carolinas. Photos by Caroline Rho

Brenda and Renan: Ritz Carlton

October 12, 2014: Ritz-Carlton Urban Garden. Photos by Smitten & Hooked

Jeressa and Darrell: The Harvey B. Gantt Center

March 14, 2014: The Harvey B. Gantt Center. Photos by Whitney Beth, Emphasis Photography

Natural Beauty: Weddings at Ritchie Hill, Concord

The wide porches and sweeping landscape of Ritchie Hill in Concord inspire lacey gowns and greenery for a boho-chic bride

Talk That Talk: Tips on Socializing At Your Wedding

Whether your wedding is an intimate celebration with just family and friends or an extravagant party with 300 guests, make a plan to socialize

Engagement Shoots: With this Ring

Wedding Venue: Olde Mecklenburg Brewery

Olde Mecklenburg Brewery brought local beer to town six years ago. Now with an expanded brauhaus, biergarten, and festhalle, Olde Meck offers a venue that’s European inspired and yet distinctly Charlotte.

Happily Ever … After: Brides Share Their Experiences

Here’s what seven Charlotte brides had to say about their big day, for better or worse. Learn from the experiences of these wedding veterans

Changing Your Maiden Name: What You Need to Know

It’s not a glamorous part of wedding planning, but if you’re altering your maiden name, here’s what you need to know

14 Items for Your First Dinner Party

Accessorizing Your Bouquet

Cut the Cake (or Pie): Creative Dessert Choices

It’s not just about a classic vanilla cake anymore
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