October 2013

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Come Fly With Me

Vintage aircrafts at the Carolinas Aviation Museum pair with worldly details and a wardrobe that draws inspiration from across the globe for a modern wedding design that captures the spirit of the couple who loves to travel

Display of Affection

Drawing inspiration from the hallowed halls and contemporary art at McColl Center for Visual Art, structural gowns and colorful statement pieces are on full display in bridal fashion this season

Colorful Caribbean

Three romantic, relaxing island honeymoon destinations to explore

Off The Cuff

Bring out your groom’s personality with a pair of wedding day-worthy cuff links. Whether he’s looking for a classic Mother of Pearl or something a little quirkier (fly fishing, anyone?), here are plenty of options that cinch up those cuffs—in style.

Real Wedding: Alyssa & Michael

October 26, 2012: Byron’s South End

Real Weddings: Kristi & Mark

May 18, 2013: The Ballantyne Hotel

Real Wedding: Beth & Will

December 29, 2012: The William Aiken House, Charleston, SC


Release your white-knuckle grip on that wedding binder. With mobile technology and cool apps, here are some ways to help organize and enjoy your big day

Real Wedding: Catlin & Aaron

May 18, 2013: Alexander Homestead

Real Wedding: Sarah & Matt

The Shoal’s Club, Bald Head Island, NC

Uptown I Do

The dos and don’ts of a Charlotte courthouse wedding

Real Wedding: Ashley & Brian

May 4, 2013: The Farm at Brusharbor, Mount Pleasant, NC

Real Wedding: Tiffany & Chad

June 15, 2013: Mint Museum Uptown

Love Notes

Elegant gifts with a personal touch

Vending the Rules

When it comes to vendor etiquette, there’s no need to go Emily Postal. Here are six tips on vendor relationships from Charlotte industry insiders to offer guidance through the gray areas of your white wedding

Real Wedding: Brooke & Trae

May 3, 2013: Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

Joy Ride

The flowers, the dress, and the venue all play a role in setting the tone for your wedding. So it stands to reason that how you arrive to your wedding—and how you depart it—is just another piece of the wedding-day puzzle
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