Charlotte's Best Musician of 2019 Releases New EP

Charlotte R&B artist Cyanca won Charlotte magazine's BOB Award for Best Musician of 2019. On June 28, she releases her highly anticipated second EP, "I'm Staying Home."



What's Charlotte's sound, you ask? Listening to the city's best musician of 2019 is a great place to start.

R&B and neo-soul artist Cyanca is a Smithfield native who now calls Charlotte home, blessing our city with bouncy beats that make your body want to groove. She nabbed a Charlotte magazine Best of the Best Award this year, and now she's releasing her second EP on June 28, 2019.

It's the beginning of a big career of Cyanca, whose 2017 hit track, "New Phone, Who Dis?" became so popular that she was invited to sing it at Facebook HQ in San Francisco, among many other gigs.

It was what happened when she came home from Facebook HQ, though, that inspired her newest EP, "I'm Staying Home."

"It was the same weekend of CIAA, and my manager and I had just touched down in North Carolina," Cyanca reflects. "We decided to go out and keep the energy flowing because I was still on a high from performing at Facebook."

After spending the night dancing uptown with friends, "we were so drunk, we called a Lyft to get back home," she recalls. "Solange's album had just dropped, and we were talking about how dope it was."

"All of a sudden," Cyanca says, "one of my friends blurts out in a drunken voice, 'When I get home, I’m staying home!'"

That was the moment of clarity for the singer. "My manager and I instantly looked at each other and said, 'That’s it! That’s the name of the EP!'"

photo by aaron kasey

Cyanca's Staying Home

Cyanca says she felt "total fulfillment" in that moment—she and her manager had been brainstorming for months about her newest EP title, and it hadn't become clear until this particular night out in uptown Charlotte.

"["I'm Staying Home"] is the perfect representation of who I am: a homebody. I enjoy the blissful moments with my friends, but I also love laying on my couch, lounging in my peaceful thoughts, all by myself."

"Home also represents family," the artist continues. "When I feel overwhelmed or sad, I always find myself impulsively driving down I-85 to be around them."

She tells Charlotte magazine that as she gets older, the more she sees the importance of spending time with loved ones. "With this project, I wanted to open up more to my fans and talk about my upbringing and things I experienced as a child—from skeletons in the closet and classic cartoons to losing a mother and accomplishments," she says.

"Home is where the heart is, and I ain’t going outside for no one."


Where to Listen to "I'm Staying Home"

On June 7, 2019, Cyanca treated Charlotte mag BOB Awards Party attendees to a special performance. She gave guests an exclusive taste of what her freshest tracks would sound like. While "Home" is a sultry, dreamlike song, "Patti Mayonnaise" is a faster-paced jam with a hook so catchy you'll be singing it all summer long. Keep an ear open for a shout-out to her home state in "Patti Mayonnaise," too.

 Ready to start listening to Cyanca's latest tracks? "I'm Staying Home" debuts June 28, 2019—listen on Spotify.

Track List

  1. Katina Brother (produced by Pat Junior)
  2. Patti Mayonnaise (produced by Groove)
  3. Home (produced by Groove)
Available 6/28/19

Click here to listen to Cyanca on Spotify, or follow her on Instagram and Facebook.