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#discussCLT Podcast: Craft Freedom & Beer in Charlotte

Can Charlotte Find the Way Forward Through the Arts?

Charlotte’s arts scene is both more adventurous and complex than it appears, says Tom Gabbard of Blumenthal Performing Arts.

#discussCLT Photos: Urban vs. Rural

Photos from #discussCLT on April 13 at Lenny Boy Brewing Co.

#discussCLT: Continuing the Urban-Rural Discussion

A follow-up on last week’s #discussCLT event on the urban-rural split in North Carolina: Props to the airport, and charting the death of a helpful statewide program.

#discussCLT Podcast: Blumenthal's Tom Gabbard

#discussCLT: The Riddle of Charlotte’s Murder Spike

Charlotte’s on track for more than 100 homicides in 2017, the most in a generation—and police here and in other cities struggle to explain the rise.

#discussCLT: A Transformed Charlotte, By Design

Janette Sadik-Khan, hailed as a leader in re-imagining cities, told about 500 people at the McGlohon Theater on Tuesday that urban transformation doesn't have to take forever or cost millions.

Opinion: The Big Post-HB2 Question

House Bill 142 as a replacement for HB2 might have been the best compromise under the circumstances. But we're all still under the legislature's thumb.

#discussCLT: Hard Truths About the Two Charlottes

It’s easy to look with cynicism on a task force report on how to serve Charlotte's poor. Given the challenge, it’s also not an option.

#discussCLT Podcast: The Urban-Rural Divide

#discussCLT: One Side of the Urban-Rural Divide

We’ll be discussing the urban-rural divide at the next #discussCLT event. A recent New York Times piece illustrates why those discussions are so important—and frustrating.

#discussCLT: Partners In Life, Activism Talk LGBTQ Issues

Writer/humorist/activist Joanne Spataro and her partner, musician/activist Lara Americo, were guests on the latest #discussCLT podcast as we approach the one-year anniversary of House Bill 2.

#discussCLT: What is Charlotte Food?

Held at Lenny Boy Brewing Co. on Feb. 16, 2017

#discussCLT Podcast: Lara Americo & Joanne Spataro

#discussCLT: A Non-Mob Scene at the County Commission

Tuesday’s meeting of Mecklenburg County Commissioners didn’t devolve into a shouting match as the Charlotte City Council meeting did last week. It was still plenty compelling.
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