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#discussCLT Podcast: Episode 15, The Urban-Rural Divide

#discussCLT: One Side of the Urban-Rural Divide

We’ll be discussing the urban-rural divide at the next #discussCLT event. A recent New York Times piece illustrates why those discussions are so important—and frustrating.

#discussCLT: Partners In Life, Activism Talk LGBTQ Issues

Writer/humorist/activist Joanne Spataro and her partner, musician/activist Lara Americo, were guests on the latest #discussCLT podcast as we approach the one-year anniversary of House Bill 2.

#discussCLT: What is Charlotte Food

Photo Gallery from event at Lenny Boy Brewing Co. on Feb. 16

#discussCLT Podcast: Lara Americo & Joanne Spataro

#discussCLT: A Non-Mob Scene at the County Commission

Tuesday’s meeting of Mecklenburg County Commissioners didn’t devolve into a shouting match as the Charlotte City Council meeting did last week. It was still plenty compelling.

#discussCLT: Clues To ICE’s Endgame

We still don’t know exactly what ICE is doing and why in Charlotte and elsewhere. But clues are emerging.

#discussCLT Podcast: Food With James Beard Semifinalists

A conversation with Chef Paul Verica and Chef Joe Kindred

#discussCLT: Charlotte’s Evolving Food Scene

The first #discussCLT event of 2017 was a wide-ranging discussion of Charlotte’s food scene and where it is, and isn’t, going.

Two Local Chefs Named James Beard Award Semifinalists

A Traumatic Week For Charlotte’s Latino Community

Federal agents have arrested hundreds of undocumented Latino immigrants, including more than 20 in Charlotte, since February 7—and the government is sending mixed signals about what it’s doing.

#discussCLT Podcast: Episode 12, Love in the Queen City

A conversation with writers Jodie Valade and Erin Maddrey

#discussCLT: Where, and What, Is Charlotte’s Music Scene?

Charlotte has plenty of talented people playing music but limited venues to hear them and people willing to.

Affordable Housing: What To Do?

'Charlotte Talks' tackles affordable housing, with difficulty. A UNCC study might offer solutions.

#discussclt Podcast: Ep. 11, Cameron Lee & Jason Michel

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