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The Deeper Lesson For Charlotte In #Scootergate

App-based transportation can be a wonderful, innovative thing—but there’s a risk in assuming they make buses and trains obsolete.

One Week, Three Glimpses of Charlotte’s Future

Charlotte has needs that grow with the population. What kind of strain will the new Carolina Panthers owner place on taxpayers?

#discussCLT Podcast: Levine Museum's New Historian

City’s Proposed Budget Issues Answer To Call for Change

In November, Charlotte voters elected a new mayor and City Council and demanded a new set of priorities. City Manager Marcus Jones’ proposed budget answers that demand.

With Social Media and Kids, Throw Out the Rulebook

The latest #discussCLT event centered on social media and kids, and how tricky it is to manage the two.

GALLERY: #discussCLT: Social Media and Kids. It's Complicated. at Catawba Brewing Co.

What Do We Do About LaWana Mayfield’s Truther Moment?

Will Charlotte council member LaWana Mayfield’s 9/11 conspiracy theory Facebook post cost her votes next year?

#discussCLT Podcast: A Preview of 'Social Media and Kids. It's Complicated.'

Let Them Lead the Way

The kids probably have a better grasp of social media’s complications and implications than adults.

‘The Real Issue Here Is Guns.’

Local police and schools can do any number of things to reduce the risk of mass slaughter in schools. But the kids are here to remind us all to fight the real enemy.

Momentum For the Community Land Trust

Charlotte City Council members are examining the tantalizing idea of a community land trust as a tool for keeping some homes affordable.

Can Charlotte Go From Dealmaker To Planmaker?

Charlotte is developing its first comprehensive plan in more than 25 years, and elected officials are confused about what planners are doing.

#discussCLT Podcast: Episode 36, Collecting Art in Charlotte

With LaCa Projects director Neely Verano

The Economic Crisis for Young Black Men

A new report from the same Harvard researchers behind the infamous (for Charlotte) economic mobility study unveils disturbing findings about the economic prospects of black men.

How HackathonCLT Hopes To Boost Charlotte’s Tech Rep

More than 1,000 ‘hackers’ will compete next week for prize money by crunching data to find ways to ease Charlotte’s divide between rich and poor.

#discussCLT Podcast: Episode 35, Our #MeToo, Charlotte Live Event

Why #MeToo Has a Charlotte Footprint, Too

The first #discussCLT event of 2018 centered on the #MeToo movement and how it’s developed in the Queen City.

GALLERY: #discussCLT: Me Too, Charlotte at Catawba Brewing Co.

#discussCLT Podcast: Episode 34, Charlotte Symphony CEO Mary A. Deissler

The #KeithLamontScott Demonstrations and the Russians

The U.S. Justice Department’s indictments of 13 Russians for undermining the American political system include references to some trolls capitalizing on the Keith Lamont Scott protests.

Who’s Going To Pay For Charlotte’s Transit Future?

CATS CEO John Lewis discusses the future of Charlotte’s transit system in the latest #discussCLT podcast episode. But can the city achieve its goals with minimal federal investment?

#discussCLT Podcast: Episode 33, CATS CEO John Lewis

What Did (and Will) the Charlotte Women’s March Mean?

The Charlotte Women’s March meant a lot of different things to people who attended. Here are three big ones.

Taking Community Policing to the Communities

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, during a briefing Wednesday, released crime statistics for 2017. But Chief Kerr Putney also discussed the work beyond the stats.
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