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The McManaway House

Once home to Myers Park’s most curious character, this Victorian landmark thrives under the care of Dru and Bob Quarles
September 2015

Making the Most of a Small Space

When designer Geri Cruickshank Eaker downsized to a studio condo, she made the most of her space.
June 2015

Global Garden

Influences from their past led Plaza Midwood homeowners to create a Japanese garden
June 2015

Before + After: Stencil or Stain?

June 2015

A Fascinating Story of Sister Homes in Historic Dilworth

Legend has it that side-by-side houses were built for sisters at the close of the Roaring Twenties. Although they look the same today from the street—and still share a connecting driveway—each house has been transformed for modern lifestyles.
June 2015

Starting Over

A growing family creates opportunity for the Edgertons to grow their home
June 2015

Building a Home from Afar

Amanda Swaringen helps a Chicago couple create comfortable luxury
June 2015

Nature's Home

The outdoorsy Icards bring the outside into their Elizabeth home
March 2015

The House Project

After an unexpected move, Dawn O’Malley took her time collecting the perfect home
March 2015

One Home for Two Lifestyles

Radio host Ramona Holloway built a home where her mother, Louise “Wheezy” Glover, could age comfortably.
March 2015