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Five Ways to Create a Cool Sleep Environment

Summertime in Charlotte. It’s hot. It’s, like, sweat-as-soon-as-you-step-outside hot. Nothing reminds you of such an unforgiving heat quite like waking up in the middle of a night with your sleep shirt drenched in your own sweat. Mm, fabulous.

Night sweats sure are something special, aren’t they? Night after night, you go to bed dreaming of a breezy—dare we say, chilly?—sleep, only to wake up somewhere much, much hotter. And that’s no way to live.


Instead of dreading bedtime, why not work on a solution? There are actually quite a few ways to keep cool at night. See the below solutions to a better, sweat-less sleep, and good luck out there.


1. Pillow Talk

It’s not glamorous, but it happens—sweaty mid-slumber hair. If you’ve been plagued by this type of perspiration specifically, then you might want to look into some pillows that work actively against a wet bed head. (Yes, such pillows exist!) With a special combination of foam and fabrics, Muse Mattress has created cooling pillows designed to help you get a comfortable sleep from head to toe, starting at the top. As for the rest of your body, a cooler sleep is just a couple steps away.


2. Tinker with Temperature

It may seem like a no-brainer, but make sure the source of your sweat isn’t easily remedied by the push of a button. According to sleep.org, the suggested temperature for optimal sleep is anywhere between 60 and 67 degrees. If your thermostat sits steadily at 75 throughout the night, you may have found your culprit.


3. Step Up Your Mattress Game

If you’re really serious about not sweating in your sleep, it may be time to upgrade your mattress. Muse Mattress, for example, makes a "revolutionary" cooling mattress equipped with multiple features committed to keeping your body temperature down. The top layer, the cooling cover, is actually cool to the touch and wicks away moisture. Then, beneath the cover sits a two-inch layer of 3.5-pound foam infused with gel to combat heat retention. Beneath the gel-infused foam is high-density foam for increased coolness, followed by a firm layer for ultimate comfort. Yeah, this mattress is a breezy dream come true.


4. Don’t Sleep in Silk

What you’re wearing also plays a large role in your sleep comfort. Silk, for example, is not an ideal sleeping material. Silk makes you sweat. Instead, try slipping into something a little more breathable such as cotton. The best possible sleeping outfit? Your birthday suit.


5. Protect Your Bed the Smart Way

You can choose to preserve your mattress with a protector, but the smart way to do it is to get a mattress protector that also has your body temperature in mind. “The Protector,” also offered by Muse Mattress, features the same Cold Wire technology as the mattress’s cooling cover, which means a sweet, sweat-less sleep is in your near future.


For more information on cooling Muse Mattress products (pillows, mattresses and mattress protectors) visit www.MuseSleep.com. Charlotte magazine readers get $100 OFF orders made through Sept. 15. Enter promo code CLTMAG at checkout.


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