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Discover the "Lake Tahoe of the East"

Lake days are special pastimes many Charlotteans and Carolinians alike share. Anytime you’re able to enjoy carefree cruising on one of our Charlotte area lakes, it’s easy to fall back into a state of temporary bliss, letting the wind take hold of your hair and inhaling happiness.

But what if we were to tell you that these lakes have nothing on a secret spot in South Carolina we’ve discovered? What if we were also to divulge the fact that this spot also includes a waterfall? Yeah, the area we’re talking about—which, by the way, is less than 2.5 hours from Charlotte—is a true hidden gem that your Facebook friends have yet to ruin.  And you can be the first of them to enjoy it!

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Find Your Bliss at Lake Jocassee

Jaunt away from Charlotte’s city center and into the untouched wilderness that surrounds South Carolina’s Lake Jocassee. A place that inspires you to buy back some time, Lake Jocassee is a wonderland with plenty to offer you and your family next time you head here for a vacation. 

To make it easy, here are some highlights:

● 75 miles of pristine shoreline, with less than 40 homes

● 350-foot deep, emerald water, great for fishing and all things water

● Many clean rivers funneling into the lake

● Mostly surrounded by the Jocassee Gorges, state land that can never be built on

● Picturesque mountain views, stunning night sky

● Waterfalls galore (approximately 30 feet high)

● Grottos to launch a pontoon boat

● Common bald eagle sightings

Often coined as the “Lake Tahoe of the East” and named as one of National Geographic’s “Last Great Places,” Lake Jocassee feels worlds away from Charlotte, giving you a getaway as pure as possible. The lake also touts its own micro-climate, which makes you feel even further from home, despite the doable two-hour commute.

The kids can kayak behind waterfalls while you drink in the breathtaking views and your relatives dive into the waters to see the spooky (yet fascinating) cemetery and city that lie beneath.

If this place sounds too good to be true, that’s because it almost is. Building on Lake Jocassee is rare, given that private land is scarce, pristine and pricey. There are less than 40 homes total on the 75 miles of shoreline and building more homes on limited land isn’t easy.


Unfortunately not Jurassic Park...but still a pretty OK place #lakejocassee #nofilter #sundayfunday

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Luckily, if you want to experience Lake Jocassee, you still can.  The Jocassee Sanctuary offers either wholly owned or shared ownership of the luxury estate - an ideal solution for families wanting to invest in a second home without the hassle! The Jocassee Sanctuary is a no-maintenance situation so your family can enjoy all Lake Jocassee area has to offer without being held down by second home responsibilities.

The waters of Jocassee are calling your name; are you ready to discover this hidden Carolina gem? 

For more information on shared ownership and full ownership opportunities at Jocassee Sanctuary, click here. Or, complete this form to schedule a tour.

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