Landscaping For Kids: Teaching And Entertaining


INSTALLING A SWING SET is not the only way to turn your yard into a playground.  There are many ways to use your landscape to teach and entertain your children outdoors.


Install a Splash Pad
Setting up a sprinkler in the yard is sometimes more trouble than it is worth, and so is dealing with muddy, grassy feet once the fun is over.  Why can’t fun be convenient?  Consider incorporating sprinkler heads in your paver patio.  With the flip of a switch kids can cool off, wash off, or goof off in streams of water spraying from their feet.

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Design a Fairy Garden
After a long night of teeth gathering, fairies need a place for a little R&R.  Let your child’s imagination run wild in this miniature world in which they can create and play.  Even adults need to exercise their imaginations from time to time.  Kids of ALL ages can design versions of their own Neverland.

Decorate Herb & Vegetable Markers
No one forgets the first time they were encouraged to eat a leaf right from a plant, or watch a seed sprout into a vegetable.  Teach children how to recognize herbs and veggies by sight, smell, and taste by creating herb markers for the garden.  A keen awareness of nature’s edible goodness is a gift that will benefit through the course of a lifetime.


Cook in a Fire Pit
A make believe adventure is not complete without preparing a meal in the open wilderness.  On a journey through the Wild West, broil a hotdog on a stick just like a real cow boy.  While sailing across the open sea, set up camp on a deserted island and melt cheesy nachos.  Let these campfire spreads inspire your own imaginary adventure.


Assemble Step Stone Games
Sometimes the fun needs to be effortless. Consider sprinkling permanent large-scale board games throughout your landscape and enjoy spontaneous, friendly competition. Pavers can be installed as checkerboards, Tic Tac Toe or Hopscotch pads.


Create Imaginary Hideaways 
Children love places to hide away and pretend.  Incorporate a stream or dry river bed in your landscape where, with a little inspiration, kids can transform the simplest natural area into rustic terrain for a thrilling imaginary adventure. An arbor lined with a screen of shrubs can double as an entrance to a make-believe magic kingdom to incite creativity right in your own backyard.


When creating the kids’ dream backyard playground, don’t forget to include a relaxing area for the grown-ups to unwind!  Find inspiration for all the ideas above and discover your dream today at SiteOne’s Outdoor Living Design Center.


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