Live Music & Drink Specials: This SouthPark Hidden Gem is Our Favorite Fall Patio

Twinkling lights, live music, craft cocktail specials, and a fire pit all characterize this secret spot in the heart of SouthPark. Get to know your new favorite fall patio.

Autumn weather is best-enjoyed al fresco, and if you've been searching for the perfect patio to frequent this fall, it's time to meet your match.

Welcome to Village Tavern's spacious brick-paved patio, where twinkling lights draw the eyes up and live music draws the ears in. This hidden gem is tucked away in a SouthPark business plaza on the corner of Barclay Downs and Morrison Boulevard, but you'd never know it given the lush greenery surrounding the patio. The spot backs up to to a wooded area, making it feel worlds away from Charlotte's busy Center City. It's hard to make a space vast yet private, and somehow Village Tavern pulls it off with ease.

The Spaghetti Squash and Zucchini entree delivers a mound of healthful flavor.

The menu at Village Tavern (VT) is a delight, with upscale American fare that's just creative enough to please the palate. Of course, tried-and-true favorites also make up the offerings—the hot crab dip and spring rolls are two tasty tapas to try. The real draw, though, is in the drinks. The bar here shakes up crafty cocktails that help you remember what it's like to casually enjoy a drink. Not too boozy, not too sweet, sips such as the new Cuke-tail and the Old-Fashioned are musts. VT also has stellar daily drink specials that'll make you come back for more (and more)—enjoy $3 off specialty cocktails on Tuesdays, for example, $3 off select martinis on Saturdays, and $2 off brunch cocktails on Sundays. See all the drink specials here.

The beautifully balanced Cuke-tail (left) is one of Village Tavern's newest cocktails sure to keep you wanting more.

The vibe on the VT patio is perhaps the most alluring of all. On a recent Friday night in August around 8:30 p.m., the atmosphere is alive with a local musician strumming the acoustic guitar. The artist plays a careful selection of relaxing crowd-pleasers, with tunes from Kenny Chesney, the Goo Goo Dolls, Eagles, and Jimmy Buffet all comprising the set list. (The live music happens on Thursday and Friday evenings; see the musician lineup here.) Although the ambiance is soothing, it's by no means sleepy.

Near the tree-lined patio perimeter, a fire pit with couches awaits guests as evening temperatures continue to drop. Stake out your spot early on if you're a fire pit fan.

Village Tavern also hosts brunch on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Tavern Benedict is pictured here.

Village Tavern has mastered the art of the patio and combined it with satisfying food and drink menus. It's surprising the patio isn't always completely packed, but perhaps that's what makes this place so special—it's a spot only locals know about. Village Tavern's patio is SouthPark's best-kept secret, and we feel lucky to know it.

Visit Village Tavern's patio at 4201 Congress Steet the next time you're craving some al fresco fun. To make reservations or learn more, visit the website or call 704-552-9983.