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River District: The Country Behind the Airport

Two Charlotte developers are about to embark on the city’s biggest development in decades, on the last large piece of undeveloped land in Mecklenburg County. Who and what’s been out here all this time, and will it disappear for good?

Charlotte's 12 Best Suburbs: 2017

The definitive, unbiased, statistical ranking of the top places to live and visit around Charlotte

Inside Charming Chantilly

Between Plaza Midwood and Elizabeth, a little suburb in the city

The Charlotte Housing Market in 2016: A Cheat Sheet

Should you rent or buy? Where? And what about all this talk of a downturn? Two experts weigh in

Tremont Music Hall: The Last Dirty Rock Club

What happens when development strips away our grimy, grungy music venues?

A Community's About to Boom, But That's Not What Keeps This Family Here

One North Tryon corridor community started as a rail depot in the age of cotton and is about to boom again because of the expanded light rail line. But that’s not what keeps the Wells family here

West Side Revival: Biddleville and Smallwood

They neighborhoods were once divided along racial lines. Now new and old residents are reinventing them together

Fighting Back Against Ugly Buildings in Charlotte

As the city prepares to rewrite its zoning code, architects push for better design

Oakhurst Turns 100

The east Charlotte neighborhood has new homes, a new school, and a sense of history in its burgers with chili and slaw

Birkdale: A Pretend Village Grows Up

Fifteen years after opening, it's a new kind of downtown

By the Numbers: Real Estate in Charlotte

Rising rents, hot neighborhoods for investors, and other facts you need to know about the real estate market this year.

Stacked City: Real Estate 2015

Home sales are down, rental prices are up, and everywhere you look in South End, a new apartment complex is rising. Charlotte is finally attracting legions of young professionals to its urban center, but that means some families are fleeing to the outskirts of town. The latest real estate boom raises an old question: Will we grow up, or out?

Tales from the Home-Buying Trail

One squirrel, 15 cats, and a coupla hot chicks

A Neighborhood's Fate is Tied to the Future of Eastland Mall

Winterfield depends on the mall's redevelopment

Real Estate 2014

Charlotte’s real estate market is coming back to life. Whether you’re starting a family, looking to invest, or retiring, there’s a house out there for you

Essay: The End of Eastland Mall

The demolition of a massive mall, and other things I forgot to love enough

The Crash of 2008

As we look back at some of the most frightening days in Charlotte’s history, we see that the crash can’t be measured in numbers.

The Future: 2058

This is what life might look like for the average Charlottean 45 years from now

Plaza Midwood: Mr. Hatcher’s Neighborhood

One man holds the keys to Plaza Midwood’s future, and no one knows what he’s thinking

A History of Lake Norman

Fifty years ago, a river became a lake and woods became water. Ever since, Lake Norman has shaped lives and traffic patterns and even the language of this once-rural region of North Carolina

Project Uptown

Charlotte’s hips are wide enough. We can’t grow out anymore. So city leaders and developers are pouring millions into the heart of our city. Which leaves us with a few questions: Where’s it all going? What’s it all going to be? And can we have it all right now?

Turnaround City: Charlotte's Real Estate Rebound

Finally! After a few years of hoping for change, our exclusive chart shows that the Charlotte real estate market is starting to move in the right direction. Still, this “Goldilocks” market—not too hot, not too cold—presents all sorts of challenges for would-be buyers and sellers. Read how some locals are confronting those challenges

What’s Your Home Worth Now?

How’s your neighborhood doing?

Seller's Market?

Bidding wars have returned to Charlotte, but that doesn’t mean the market has fully recovered