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2017 Holiday Decor Trends to Try

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AS YULETIDE SAUNTERS near, it’s pretty impossible to go anywhere without being reminded of it. But who could forget this magical time of year that brings loved ones together in the style of food, gifts, and eggnog? Instead of scoffing at pre-mature decorations lining store windows, you may want to embrace this wondrous season—because, no matter how much stress may come with it, it’s always worth it.

And one of the best ways to welcome loved ones to your hearth and home is to decorate it. No matter your home’s interior style, the holidays are a time to break out of your decorating box and bring in some fresh looks that will make family and friends smile as they cross your threshold. In which case, we present you some of our favorite winter 2017 holiday decor trends that are sure to light a fire in any Scrooge’s bum.


Mixing Classics with Current Trends

Special, vintage items will never go out of style. Especially if you plan on bringing some hip decorations to this year’s home-for-the-holidays look, classic pieces are always smart to mix in to retain timelessness. Pick up some nostalgic collectibles to add depth to your decor this season—adults and children alike will delight in quirky displays that illicit the innocence of childhood.

All That Glimmers

Know what brings those quirky collectible items right back into this century? Eye-catching, glimmering sparkles. Whether in the form of glittered branches, twinkly lights, or glowing candles, every great holiday-decorated home needs some sort of “shine factor.” Indulge in metallic decorative items and lace that tree with lights, because this time of year is the only moment you can get away with an explosion of sparkle.

Greenery Galore

Floral crowns had their moment, but this moment is now for the non-flowering greenery that makes us all appreciate all that is simple and natural. During a time when most people flit around Charlotte at 100 miles an hour, gorgeous greenery reminds us to slow down and cherish the memorable moments that flee so fast. Adorn your abode with the quaint greenery of the season—wreaths, pine garlands, and faux birch twig bundles make for a homey respite.

Displays, Displays, Displays

To make your decor stand out from everyone else this year, the focus is on curated tabletop displays. Whether this means a cluster of candles with greenery tying them together or just a refreshed nativity scene, creating these little groupings of decor will boost your home to be one of the holiday’s hautest. Plus, you can really showcase your creativity with this style of decorating.

Keep it Personal

It’s your home, so it should feel like it. Although we all love wandering through the winter wonderlands that are Christmas stores (*cough* Peppermint Forest *cough*), you don’t want your home to feel like a stranger’s. Make your decor personal this year with a new tree that can last as long as the sweater your Aunt Majorie bought you, and decorate it with personalized ornaments and custom bows that have your family name written all over them.


About Peppermint Forest: Peppermint Forest was founded in 1979 in Charlotte. It’s still owned and operated by the same family—they’ve grown just has Charlotte has, and they offer the country’s best selection of wreaths, garlands, and swags. Explore the Artificial Christmas Tree Forest to find your favorite of more than 100 undecorated Christmas trees, or just browse the 50+ decorated trees, mantles, and vignettes to can inspiration for your own home. Also, WonderLit Trees™—the most reliable and realistic Christmas trees—are exclusive to Peppermint Forest, and the store offers tens of thousands of stunning ornaments to decorate with.

Make a day out of it, and explore Peppermint Forest’s winter wonderland at 11729 Carolina Place Parkway in Pineville. They are open Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Sunday from noon to 6 p.m. They also now offer an online store.