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Justin Harlow Won’t Seek Re-Election

Justin Harlow, the Charlotte City Council’s youngest member, announced Friday that he won’t seek re-election.

At Long Last, and After Years of Squabble, I-77 Toll Lanes Are Here

After more than four years of one of the most contentious infrastructure projects in North Carolina’s history, a section of the Interstate 77 toll lanes project will open Saturday.

Inside UNCC Security’s Preparation, Quick Response

UNC Charlotte spent millions of dollars and countless hours preparing for the possibility of an on-campus shooter. When it happened, everything worked as planned—and two died.

What We Mean When We Talk About ‘Transparency’

In the context of law enforcement agencies’ increasingly uneasy relationship to the public, ‘transparency’ can be as loaded and slippery a term as ‘justice.’ What does it mean, exactly?

Stepping Back To Assess the Danquirs Franklin Case

It might help to gauge where we stand now in the March 25 Danquirs Franklin shooting—exactly what happened when, what’s known, what isn’t, and the high probability that the officer will be found to have acted within the bounds of the law.

Analysis: Unanswerable Questions in Danquirs Franklin Shooting

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police released body camera footage Monday of the fatal police shooting of Danquirs Franklin on March 25—and how people will perceive and react to it is anyone’s guess.

DEQ to Duke: Clean Up the Coal Ash

On Monday, the state DEQ ordered Duke Energy to remove coal ash from six sites, including two near Charlotte. Here’s a rundown of some of our coal ash coverage through the years.

Narratives Clash in Fatal Danquirs Franklin Shooting

By the end of Monday, the list of incontrovertible facts about the police shooting death of Danquirs Franklin was brief.

Is It Time To Regulate Social Media?

We live in an age of live-streamed violence and its instant, global, unregulated amplification. Maybe, says Duke professor Philip Napoli, it’s time to put some controls on social media content as we do with radio and TV.