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The Risks of Private Funding for Charlotte Transit

Charlotte transit officials are examining ways to raise private dollars to help pay for the $6 billion buildout of its 2030 transit plan. Will the transit system end up defeating one of its main purposes?

Transit Lessons From the PNW

Charlotte’s trying to fully build out its transit system by 2030. What can it learn from Pacific Northwest cities that committed to mass transit years ago?

How Well Can We Predict Charlotte’s Transit Future?

Charlotte’s planned Gateway Station offers us a chance to speculate on the future of transportation, and whether it’ll look anything like what we imagine.

The South, Trump, and ‘End-Stage Protestantism’

Exploring religious support for the president

#discussCLT Podcast: Inside the Charlotte Gateway Station

Charlottesville: A Parable

The New York Times wrote about Charlottesville, a small city in a year-long war with its own conception of itself. There’s a warning here.

Charlotte and the RNC: This Is Not Normal

This is not a normal president or party. RNC 2020 will not be a normal convention. The Charlotte City Council’s vote Monday to accept the convention reflects an inability or unwillingness to accept that.

Charlotte’s RNC Gamble

Charlotte likely will find out next week that it’s landed the 2020 Republican National Convention. Are we sure we understand what we’d be getting into?

Task Force or Not, Biggest Risk Found in Inaction

A look at our latest #discussCLT event

GALLERY: #discussCLT: Charlotte Task Forces: Are They Effective?

Can Virtual Reality Help Cure Racism?

A small but growing body of research indicates that occupying another’s body through virtual reality can reduce implicit bias. A Charlotte community leader, a former police chief. and a French social entrepreneur are introducing it to Charlotte-Mecklenburg police.

How a Charlotte Councilman’s Film Forces Confrontation With Our View of Police—and Ourselves

Tariq Bokhari’s documentary supports CMPD but doesn’t dodge how delicate and charged our perception of police is nowadays.

Why Charlotte Leans So Hard On Task Forces

We’ll be talking about community task forces next week at our next #discussCLT event. Do they work? Are startups better? Is there room for both?

#discussCLT Podcast: Inside the North Tryon Vision Plan

With Cathy Bessant, Bank of America’s chief operations and technology officer

It’s Time For Charlotte To Prioritize Low-Income Housing

The poorest most need the most homes. The Charlotte City Council needs a plan to use its expanded housing fund to meet the need—quickly.

Dr. Willie Griffin, the Levine Museum of the New South, and Charlotte’s Distant Relationship With Its Own History

Dr. Willie Griffin, the Levine Museum of the New South’s new staff historian, grew up in Charlotte without knowing the rich history of his own family and neighbors.

The Deeper Lesson For Charlotte In #Scootergate

App-based transportation can be a wonderful, innovative thing—but there’s a risk in assuming they make buses and trains obsolete.

One Week, Three Glimpses of Charlotte’s Future

Charlotte has needs that grow with the population. What kind of strain will the new Carolina Panthers owner place on taxpayers?

#discussCLT Podcast: Levine Museum's New Historian

City’s Proposed Budget Issues Answer To Call for Change

In November, Charlotte voters elected a new mayor and City Council and demanded a new set of priorities. City Manager Marcus Jones’ proposed budget answers that demand.

With Social Media and Kids, Throw Out the Rulebook

The latest #discussCLT event centered on social media and kids, and how tricky it is to manage the two.

GALLERY: #discussCLT: Social Media and Kids. It's Complicated. at Catawba Brewing Co.

What Do We Do About LaWana Mayfield’s Truther Moment?

Will Charlotte council member LaWana Mayfield’s 9/11 conspiracy theory Facebook post cost her votes next year?

#discussCLT Podcast: A Preview of 'Social Media and Kids. It's Complicated.'

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