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Poking the Hornet's Nest

Greg Lacour on Politics

Hooray, Beer!

The Charlotte City Council opens the door for a new craft brewery wave. When will the beer bubble burst?


Art Pope and the Threat to N.C. Higher Ed

A thorough Washington Post profile explores Art Pope and his attempts to bring N.C. universities to heel.


Bob Rucho's Idea of 'Local Control'

The Senate is considering a bill that would keep MeckCo voters from deciding on a sales tax hike. So much for the virtues of local control.


Way Out

Dispatches in Inanity from Jeremy Markovich

It Has To Be Everything

The Charlotte Hornets revealed their new uniforms, which are great and terrible, no matter what.


Patrick Cannon, The Selfie and The Future

Charlotte's recently-convicted ex-mayor is going to federal prison. Can a big smile soften the blow?


Let's Recount The Charlotte Bobcats Struggle To Land

Now that the team’s nickname is being cast on to the scrapheap of defunctitude, it’s the perfect time to recount what may be the best metaphor for the Bobcats’ ten years in existence.


Trade & Tryon

Where Charlotte business, politics, and media intersect

Rooted: Charlotte magazine essay to be included in new book

Virginia Brown among list of writers in 27 Views of Charlotte: The Queen City in Prose & Poetry


Poll: The Kenan Gay Trial


Heroin: Behind the Headlines

Before Philip Seymour Hoffman died, it was a taboo topic. Now it's making national headlines


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