2013: Entrees

The look-back continues with my favorite main courses in the Queen City

As I continue remembering my pleasant eating experiences in Charlotte over the past year, I must force myself to move from the appetizers on to the main courses. I will say, over the last 12 months, I've never had a BAD main course, so this makes it difficult. Rather, I should say that the dishes I list here were the best of the best. I hate to be the person who says "everyone is a winner," but, in all honesty, you are. Ugh. Alright here we go:

WHAT: Wild Mushroom Kamamashi Pot
INFO: Although this is technically considered a side, it's big enough to be shared by two people. This risotto-like dish is served piping hot in a cast iron pot and is stirred table side. It's warm, it's comforting, and brings the scent of earthy mushrooms and cream to your table. 

WHERE: Dandelion Market
WHAT: Sausage Stuffed Poblano Pepper
INFO: The sausage stuffed peppers at this uptown eatery are filling, spicy, and difficult to share at this tapas-centered eatery (because om nom nom). House made chorizo is mixed with creamy mozzarella and stuffed into fresh poblano peppers. Then, the whole thing is topped off with a house made Mexican crema. Like I said, you'll want these to yourself. 

WHERE: Tupelo Honey
WHAT: Fried Chicken Saltimbocca 
INFO: This newcomer in South End already has a loyal following, and after tasting this southern slash Italian fusion dish, I count myself among them. A delicious piece of fried chicken is topped with mild havarti cheese and crisp pieces of country ham, then situated on top of a mushroom marsala sauce. The combination of salty, creamy, earthy, and buttery flavors leave you feeling warm and oh-so-loved. 

WHERE: Blue Taj
WHAT: Lamb Vin d'Alho
INFO: If you don't like spicy, this isn't for you. Luckily, I do. Because I'm brave, I always order this Indian hot, but Blue Taj will adjust to your level of comfort. Lamb is marinated and cooked in a deep red colored mixture of chilies, garlic, and vinegar until it's incredibly tender. When my eyes are tearing and my nose is running, I've reached my level of spice nirvana. 

I could have gone on and on, but these were the dishes I remember most vividly from my 2013 eating adventures. Feel free to add your own favorites from 2013 in the comments below. Coming up in Friday's post — dessert. 

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