3 Home Winterization Tips

Is your home ready for the winter? Use this checklist.

Winter is coming.

As a homeowner, your house is a long-term investment, and you want to take the best care of it that you can so that it can last you and your family for years to come. Even if you plan on selling your home sometime down the road, you have a much better chance of achieving a higher selling price if you properly care for your home throughout all the seasons. Especially winter.

Although Charlotte doesn't receive the devastating snowfall that the cities of the northeast do, we still get our fair share of flurries and ice. And you'll definitely want to pay attention to these cold-weather elements as they relate to your home. 

Ready to get that house of yours prepared for the impending winter season? Here are the to-dos to check off your list:


Windows and Doors

During the cold months, you'll want to keep the cold air out of your home as much as possible so you can preserve energy. The main way to do this is to ensure your windows and doors are properly sealed and up-to-par. How? First, check for any gaps in and around the entryways. Then, take a look at the condition of the exterior and replace any rotted or damaged wood that can foster mold or allow water into your home.


Outdoor Faucets

If you have any faucets outside, it's important to prevent them from bursting should the water freeze. In order to prevent pipes from bursting, make sure there is no water left in the outside spigot. Some require you to turn off the water inside, while others automatically ensure that no water is leftover in the spigot.



The driveway often tends to be an afterthought for homeowners trying to preserve the quality of their homes. However, it is an element of your property worth your attention. As winter approaches, check your driveway for any cracks. When water seeps into these cracks and freezes, it expands, slowly but surely decreasing the value of your driveway as the cracks get larger. Prepare for the cold season and increase your driveway's lifespan by filling your driveway cracks with concrete crack filler.

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