3 Ways to Hide Your AC Unit

From unappealing to aesthetically pleasing.
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Hiding your air conditioning unit from eyesight may not have been on your list of to-do's before, but once you see a few ways crafty Pinterest users have pulled it off, you'll want to give it a try right away.

Instead of just accepting the unsightly appearance of your gray AC unit as a "fact of life," consider reimagining it as an opportunity to be creative and add whimsy to your outdoor aesthetic. We found some great DIY ideas on the Arctic Air Services Inc. blog that will bring your AC unit to a whole new level.


1. An Herbal Garden

Get ahold of bricks in a wash that complements your house color. Then stack them around your AC unit like walls, being sure to utilize a checkerboard technique, leaving spaces in between the bricks. In these spaces, you can place herbs to fill the emptiness and introduce lush green color. Herbs require much less soil than regular plants and are thus great proponents for vertical herbal gardens.

You can also stack many potted plants around the unit with rustic accent pieces for a quick hack.


2. A Mini Cottage

House your AC unit in an adorable "cottage" structure that you can lift right over the top, completely concealing the unit. To build a cottage for your AC unit, stop by your closest Lowe's and pick up lattice for the four walls of siding and decorative wood finials for flair. You can create it in whichever style you'd like, giving you the freedom to match your AC unit "cottage" to the look of your home. See an example here


3. A Mosaic

An artful masking technique, a mosaic is a great way to repurpose old glassware and mirrors. As explained in this article, the DIYer simply snagged some old fence posts, smashed up some old china and mirrors, and created her own makeshift mosaic to attach to a piece constructed of the posts and two panels.

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