Charlotte. It’s a progressive city that embraces both change and tradition, that looks to its future while reckoning with its past. The nation knows it as a banking and sports town, while locals know the full story: the food and culture scenes are rising quickly.

Charlotte isn’t an easy city to describe, and we love it for its complexities and contradictions, its big names and hidden gems. And we want you to help us write its story.

What to pitch: We’re looking for exclusive pitches for stories with a strong Charlotte angle. Introduce us to the people—famous or little known, native or newcomer—who impact our community. Tell us about the issues that shape Charlotte’s present and its future. Let us know about the places and events that give Charlotte its unique flavor. News, politics, food, history, sports, culture, fashion. Charlotte magazine covers it all.

What not to pitch: We are looking for exclusives, so please don’t pitch us stories that you’ve shared with other publications.

Lead time: Our editorial calendar keeps us working about three months ahead, so pitch your stories early.

Contact information: Direct pitches to lifestyle editor Taylor Bowler at


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