A breakfast surprise

Vine American Kitchen serves up a great brunch

Living practically across the street, I should have known Vine American Kitchen served brunch. After reviewing their skillet mac & cheese, white chocolate banana creme pie, and a few other dishes for Charlotte Magazine's June Americana issue, I knew Vine had a great handle on traditional dishes, but I didn't think breakfast fare was an option.

A trip to Vine on Sunday morning proved a very welcome shock.

After settling in with a Bloody Mary, I opted for the brunch special (mostly because every special I've ever ordered from Vine has been off the charts good) which included three eggs done any style, housemade flour torillas, pico de galo, and a tamale filled with a fresh creamed corn-esque filling. 

Those of you who know me personally know that I have a very weird relationship with corn. I love corn on the cob, corn bread, and corn cakes. However, I have an issue with corn OFF of the cob; that is, corn that sits loosely in a gross little pile on a plate. I don't know where the aversion comes from, but I'm guessing it has roots in some horrible sealed-off childhood memory. So, ordering the breakfast special at Vine took some courage on my part. Of course, the waiter (who was very helpful and definitely explained the special in detail to me about three times) assuring me that the head chef uses fresh ears of corn, roasts them, then makes his own filling for the tamales didn't hurt either. 

I have to say, I was not disappointed. The only part of the meal that left me less than satisfied and a little sad was the fact that there was an extremely small helping of pico — used almost as more of a plate garnish than an integral part of my breakfast tacos. But I made up for that with an order of breakfast beignets, which my man guest assured me were just as good as the ones he used to enjoy down in New Orleans. Well done, Vine! 

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