A story I wish we had done

Enjoyed Lawrence Toppman’s profle of the Blumenthal’s Douglas Young in the Charlotte Observer. Young books the talent at the Blumenthal’s cohort of theater spaces, and he’s one of the Charlotte arts scene’s good guys. He should get a lot of credit for finding creative ways for local theater companies and comedy outfits to get on the Blumenthal’s stages (and, perhaps more importantly, part of the Blumenthal’s marketing machine).

One interesting takeaway from the article: Young (and, I assume, others in his office) don’t think the critically acclaimed, award-winning play August: Osage County by hot playwright Tracey Letts would play here, so they don’t plan to book it:

"Some shows you get passionate about but decide they just can’t play here. We had a chance to put (the 2008 Tony winner) ‘August: Osage County’ in the Broadway Lights series. But if we had trouble selling tickets to "Frost/Nixon," how do we sell them to a three-hour drama that’s like settling down to a family dinner at Thanksgiving? There are only so many times you can say ‘Tony-winning,’ and I’m not sure how many tickets that sells."

On the other hand, he booked Spring Awakening.

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