A US Airways Flight To Charlotte Was Delayed By Crabs

Brandon Morse via Flickr

US Airways flight 890 from LaGuardia to Charlotte was delayed tonight. Because of crabs. I'll repeat that. Crabs.

Go on.

Keep going.

So, how's everything going?

So how long does it take to round up a bunch of crabs loose in the cargo hold of an Airbus 321? 'Bout an hour. The plane, scheduled to take off at 6:59 p.m., took off around 7:54 p.m.. For the record, US Airways isn't saying why the plane was delayed, but since 890 was the only US Air flight from CLT to LGA that was being delayed at the time several people were tweeting about it, the circumstantial crab evidence is probably strong enough to convict here. It certainly was enough for people to make Jameis Winston jokes.

h/t Corrie

UPDATE (10:36p.m.): US Airways confirmed it.