An Apple a Day …

Get acquainted with the many varieties of this autumn treat

In continuing my diatribes about fall and how great autumn is, I chose this morning to delve into the subtle yet delectable differences in the many kinds of apples available this time of year in the fantastic state of North Carolina. That way, we can all be more informed individuals going into a weekend of apple picking at one of Charlotte's area farms. This is not an all-inclusive list, however, all of the apples listed below can be found growing within the state. The more you know.

Types of Apples:

Red Delicious: Not coincidentally, the world's most widely planted apple is also one of my favorites. Dark red skin covers a mild flesh with a very fine grain. These are great as snacks or eaten raw on salads. 

Golden Delicious: The flesh on the golden delicious tends to stay whiter for longer after being cut, making it a great choice for fruit salads. Also, this apple holds up well to baking, as its rich yet mellow flavor tends to carry through. 

Granny Smith: This bright green apple is very tart — borderline sour. The flavor can lighten up a bit after cooking, and the apple holds its shape well. 

Gala: This medium size apple is characterized by it's yellow/red marbling and heart shape. Very sweet with softer flesh, this is a great snacking apple. 

Fuji:Yellow-green with red highlights, the Fuji variety is fairly new to the apple scene. It is good for just about everything from snacking to baking and also stores well. 

Honeycrisp: True to their name, the Honeycrisp is exceptionally crisp with a juicy bite and sweet flavor. 

Pink Lady: Pink and yellow skin hides a firm flesh with a crisp and sweet yet borderline tart flavor. This variety is fairly new but quite popular. 

Empire: Of the McIntosh variety, this crisp apple offers longer shelf life than many others, along with a floral aroma and creamy flesh. 

Goldrush: Described as having a "spicy" flavor, the Goldrush apple holds up well to storage. 

Hopefully, you're now feeling informed and ready to venture into the wide world of apples this fall. 

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