Anthony Foxx to run for mayor in 2009

What's been rumored for a few months is now official. City Councilman Anthony Foxx will run for mayor of Charlotte in 2009. He made the announcement in a letter to key supporters. It's interesting that he made the announcement before learning the results of the gubernatorial election, but that just demonstrates his resolve. It might also show that he either has the backing of the local Democratic party (Malcolm Graham and Susan Burgess were other rumored contenders) or he's working to get out in front. Finally, it might be a veiled attempt to nudge Bev Perdue's faltering campaign (in announcing his candidacy, he can't help but point out weaknesses of the incumbent). Or there might be something going on here about which I have no clue. Anyway, here's an excerpt from his letter:


"Our future, especially in these times, will be dependent upon our ability to build regional strength, protect our environment, support critical infrastructure including roads and transit, work harder than ever to improve public safety, and point a way out for the most vulnerable of us.

"We need a Mayor who has the temperament to listen and engage in thoughtful discussion about these challenges. We need a Mayor who builds strong relationships at the local, state and federal levels. Perhaps most importantly, we need a Mayor who sees the big picture, sets out a long-term vision and rallies our community toward it."

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