Are You Committing This Houseplant Crime?

Making one simple adjustment can save your houseplant's life.
Alyssa Ruane

It’s hard to keep houseplants alive. For some reason, no matter how much we try to take care of them, they still end up turning brown and wilting as the days continue.

But that’s where you made a mistake. You care too much. ​

Alyssa Ruane​

Your fatal flaw is that of an overbearing mother, hovering over her child and not letting him or her flourish. The mother doesn’t see a problem with loving her child so much, but as the kid tries to grow, he or she feels stifled.


Love Less

In the case of the finicky houseplant, too much love is a killer. Though it should be mentioned that you cannot completely neglect your houseplant, you need to try to find a healthy balance between not caring enough and caring too much. Within that range is where your houseplant will thrive.

Melodie McDanal is a Certified Plant Professional and an associate at Pike Nurseries. She says people often have problems keeping their houseplants alive because they “over-care” for the plant. Over-caring usually means over-watering and drowning your houseplant.

Though it might seem like a simple mistake, many houseplant owners make it. They get so concerned with not wanting their plant to die that they actually are the reason its life is cut short.


Learn More About Your Plant

To avoid being the overbearing owner of your houseplant, take the time to learn exactly what it needs. Do some Google searches if you’re not sure what type of plant you have. Once you know what kind of plant it is, you can then research (or ask a professional like McDanal) what your plant’s survival needs are. Then, put your plant’s watering schedule (i.e. a note every two weeks, one week, or one month, depending) on your calendar so that you don’t forget and accidentally over-water.

And while you’re at it, make sure you know how much sun your plant needs: high, medium, or low. Receiving too much sunlight can be a cause of houseplant death just like too much water can be.

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