BOB Award Winners’ Toolkit


Being a Charlotte mag BOB Winner is a pretty big deal.

To help you spread the good news, we created this handy toolkit for all winners and runners-up. It has everything you need to tell Charlotte you were named the BEST of the BEST in the city.

Hopefully, we’ve answered your biggest questions below!

Awesome, I won! What do I tell people?

It is awesome to be a Charlotte mag BOB Winner! Incoming residents, recent transplants, and native Charlotteans all use our annually-updated Best of the Best lists to find Charlotte’s top businesses in a variety of industries.

If people ask, tell them you’re a Charlotte magazine BOB Winner. (Remember, “BOB” is pronounced like the name, Bob!)

If you are a Voters’ Choice BOB Winner, that means your community thinks you’re the best in town at what you do. If you’re an Editor’s Pick, that means you caught the eye of a Charlotte magazine editor.

Click here to read more about the BOBs selection process.

How do I tell brick-and-mortar visitors and inform foot traffic?

Window clings will be mailed to winners and runners-up when stores open back up in Mecklenburg County. At that time, you’ll receive a two-sided static cling for your storefront.

Can’t wait that long? Click here to purchase additional window clings.

Is there a physical BOB Award available?

Yes! You can show off with a BOBs Winner plaque, which features the cover of the May issue from the year you won!

Doubling as a keepsake and a marketing tool, this custom-designed piece looks great decorating the office and customer-facing spaces. Plus, it ships to you ready-to-hang, and no framing is necessary.

Click here to browse 2020 BOB Winner plaque styles and pricing. 

Can I show-off on my website?

Yes; we encourage putting the official BOBs Winner badge on your website. This shows site visitors you’re not only the real deal, but you’re the BEST in Charlotte!

  1. Add the badge to your site by clicking the below graphic to download it.
  2. Then, upload it to your website.
  3. You can link it to, where the winners will be listed.

Many winners also like to upload the badge to their email signatures (and link it)—it’s a great way to casually tout your achievement!

BOBs Winner Badge (PNG)

2020 Bobs Winner

Need another option?

Click here to download a JPEG of the BOB Award Winner badge.

How do I share on social media?


We created social media graphics for you to post on your social media channels.

Simply click the below images to download them.

When you upload to your accounts, be sure to tag us, use #BOBAwardsCLT, and link to!

Find us at:

@CharlotteMag on Twitter

@CharlotteMag on Instagram

Charlotte Magazine on Facebook.


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The 2020 BOB Winners are published in the May issue of Charlotte magazine (find them online here).

For a list of places to purchase the issue on newsstands, click here.